Sunday, 21 April 2013

Sewing liberation!

Last week, it was with some relief that the second lot of five bags with matching coin purses that I've been working on were delivered to their destination. Of course I forgot to get pictures, doh.  

Anyway, as happy chance would have it, their destination is 5 minutes away from Brit Bee buddy Terri's house, so Felix and I popped in there for a spot of tea and for me to pick up a rather lurrvely fabric haul.

Of course I hadn't been able to resist when Terri had previously told me she was planning on heading up to Superbuzzy on her recent trip to California....I've been quite abstemious since before Christmas and planned to spend some of the bag payment on a fabric top-up. 

This is what she had for me!

(L-R, a Japanese print, plus three chunks of Echino)

Recipes, cheeky monkeys, a seedy thing, and a gorgeous linen map print
Various others - The houses on the right are a flannel, not sure on the plan for them yet!
 That's not to mention the red fabrics for a swap, and two delicious bags of proper caramel popcorn, bless her luminous pink socks!

I feel a little liberated now the bags are done and I have no other specific commissions on the go. Whilst I've got shops to make for, I can choose what I make and with the fabrics above to inspire me, I'm feeling rather spoilt! 

I started with a test pair of baby shoes, with suede bases - fiddly but quick to make:

Then cut into my new fabric yumminess and made a pencil case

And then I turned this panel I'd made a while back

 Into a giant 24" floor cushion

And my brain is still buzzing with stitchy things, yippee!