Thursday, 26 January 2012

Winter Stitching list - update

A quick check of Sarah's blog reminded me it was time to check in against the list of sewing I said I'd do back in late goes!
FairyFace Designs
  • Bee blocks:  I finally caught up with these a couple of weeks back, and have just completed Judiths scrappy log-cabins (in the pink below!) which brings me almost up to date!

  • Craft fairs - well this pretty much took over my life in November and December.  In total, I think my stuff was on sale at 6 or 7 fairs,

  • Business cards - done!  Thank you MOO!

  • Childcare - tick. I have a childminder in place for a few hours a week and Felix is happy, except for the few seconds as I leave the room, which she still doesn't like :(

  •  Brit Quilt Pillow fight - loved it - here's what I made, and what I was lucky enough to receive

  •  Christmas presents - done!  Table runner, chair covers, tote bags, make-up bags etc.

  •  Learning to screen-print onto fabric - I'm so excited about Tuesday I am going to spend the day with a local screen-print artist, who happens to do the most beautiful tea-towels and other products, and we are going to try some simple screen prints onto calico and linen...will report back.
  • Add to my solids stash..err..well stash has definitely grown, so I guess this is a tick!

 Hmm...from now on it all gets a bit less impressive...

  • Sliced coins quilt - absolutely no progress...zilch....nada
  • Ditto for my Bee Europa Quilt for Felix, and a quilt for me...but I do have The Stained Pink Quilt along planned, thanks to the lovely Sarah.
  • Free motion quilt a large item...not yet
  • Approach another time for this one either!
 There were, however, a few things that weren't on the list...

  •  A few commissions that popped up along the way

  •  Making a quilt to sell - the bonkers quilt

  •  Taking part in another secret swap, the Mouthy Stitchers zippy pouch swap... I'm currently stalking my partner for ideas of what to make them!
  •  Getting through to the Shortlist in the Quokka quilts Bloggers choice bundle competition...I made it through to the last 8 (out of over 300!) with this selection...and although I didn't win, I was still super chuffed to get that far.
  • Oh, and Carly over Crafted by Carly very kindly awarded me this blog award - Thanks Carly!

Bring it on 2012, let's get some more things ticked off!



  1. Good ticking! Bit scared to do mine, had totally forgotten all about it!

  2. You must forget to breathe some days you have so much on! Great list of accomplishments.

  3. That's a brilliant amount of progress C! And I love my blocks - thank you! Jxo

  4. Wow you made so many things last year and achieved lots and lots, sadly I didn't tick many boxes last year, this year I am determined to do better x

  5. Oh my what a lot you've done! x

  6. A plentiful list of perfection :-) I must get Moo cards one of these days...

  7. Wow!!! You HAVE been busy - and what a lot of gorgeousness!!! I love the grey and yellow block - I has inspired me to plan out making a grey and yellow pinafore drress for myself! Thank you!!!
    A quick question about Moo - did you send them the photos and they print the cards using your designs?

  8. What great things you've made - I can't believe how much you've done in three months!

  9. Yay to your brilliant makes. PS. That is Felix's job to make you think she wants you to stay, but she doesn't really!

  10. Cool, looks like a really impressive start to me :o)

  11. That's an awesome list of finishes! Love your Moo cards! There is still time to get the rest done for spring! :)

  12. Awesome progress on your list - well done !

    Am envious of the screen print training - I so want to do that! Perhaps you could teach me!??

  13. I really like the table runner you made, gorgeous colours. Where on earth do you find the time!

  14. Wow, such a collection of gorgeous things, you've gotten so much done! Can't wait to see what you finish off with, thanks for linking up xx