Monday, 2 April 2012

A catch up (photo heavy!)

What with all the excitement (trips to Brussels, wedding excitement yah-de-yah) I've not had time to blog about the normal goings on at the sewing machine.  So here's a little update on smaller things I've made as gifts and for selling in the shops.  Hopefully not too boring and same-y!

First up, Some iPad covers - After a false start with my first attempt, I managed to get the sizing right second time around and these actually do fit i-Pads in them! I played around with Velcro and zip fastening options. Feedback from James, whilst generally positive, did suggest double layers of batting next time (he's getting into the groove of this sewing lark!)

Then, a zippy pouch for Mothers day. I made this with the phone tucked into my shoulder catching up with the lady in a cupboard in Shetland, whilst she stitched and then unpicked some piecing - it's amazing neither of us sewed through our fingers! (Message for Mum: multi-tasking doesn't make it any less of a gift!)

Two cushions - I pieced the front of the first one yonks ago, it's taken me ages to getting around to finishing it off!

Some extra little zippy purses

A baby quilt - I tried to make this unisex, but rather than go rainbow, I opted for an alternative colour scheme. I think I was thinking log cabin, but kept changing my mind and ended up with these quarter log cabin blocks...

which I finally laid out in alternate directions, and added a double border and scrappy binding to create a quilt measuring about 30" x 40".  It's for sale in the shop at the moment, and is backed in purple fleece and quilted in a free-style wavy line pattern that is my new favourite "easy to do" quilting design!
(sorry for the appalling picture, forgot to get a proper shot so had to make do with a snap outside the shop!)

And finally, a lovely friend of mine, Zoe, whom I haven't seen for a few months, had a little boy a couple of weeks ago.  His name is Monty and I made this changing mat for him (well, more for his mum actually, although he may appreciate the fleecy lining!).

I followed this pattern but added improv-piecing to the exterior .  The pictures don't show the fabric covered button I need to add before sending it on it's way to it's new owner :).  Welcome to the world, Monty!



  1. Lots of stitchy loveliness there :o)

  2. Wow these are gorgeous makes C! They'll sell like hot cakes, and what a great gift for a new mum - stylish & practical! Well done you! Jxo

  3. Wowza... Thats a lotta work :-) Love it all of course, but OMG that baby quilt is geeeeorgeous. Really love it. Looking forward to Wednesday! x

  4. Not samey at all - lots of lovelies there. Loving the quilt especially!

  5. Wow! You have been busy making some wonderful things.

  6. Where to start? What amazing eye candy. That is one sophisticated baby quilt - so beautiful, and love the linen pouches and covers and changing mat. Too much to do justice in one comment but I shall sum it by saying, `It`s beautiful - all of it!`

  7. You have been busy!

    i love how your 'sort of' log cabin turned out, I can't say I've seen a design like that one before, you should send it to the Moda Bakeshop website as a tutorial:)

    The baby changing roll is so sweet!

  8. Show off! Actually I am deeply impressed at your ability to sew without procrastination. I can go whole days without sewing a stitch because I can't decide what project to do next. Well done!

  9. Love the quarter log cabins, so neat! and that changing mat, well, I suppose those elephants are irresistable!
    Lucky baby, lucky Mum!

  10. I love all the wonderful things you've made, especially the baby quilt!

  11. Hey you I have given you an award over at my blog ;))) x