Thursday, 23 June 2011

The Hidden Cottage

Firstly, to all my sewist followers, please don't leave me!  I know neither this post or the previous one have any stitching in them, but I'm desperate to get back on my machine, I promise, I've just had other more pressing tasks to deal with.

There is, however, some craftiness afoot.    This week I've been getting the cottage ready for a whole summer of holiday lets.  It's very exciting because this project pretty much got put on hold when I had Felix, so the first ever official let is this Friday!

Typically, I have left everything to the last minute, so today I need to:
buy a plant in a pot, buy an outside table and chairs, sort out keys, pack up a welcome basket (tea, coffee etc), make two beds, chase down the electricians and write an inventory of everything that's there, all with a demanding one year old in tow :)

Anyway, back to the craftiness - over the last few nights, I have made a few finishing touches.

This is a sign for the house.  The agents advise that holiday lets have names, not just numbers (apparently this is more appealing!).  It's made from an off cut of wood from Dad's garage, with pebbles glued to it (it's illegal to take pebbles from the beach so obviously I didn't get them from there :) ).  I then printed the letters onto some transfer film that I had from years ago, and we cut them out and stuck them to the stones.  I've coated it in PVA glue but I'm still not sure how long it will last as the transfers aren't waterproof...I might have to invest in some proper varnish...

Here's the comment book and information folder. The first is just a notebook from the Paperchase sale, but to personalise it I printed the words onto cotton using freezer paper and stitched round them before gluing them to the cover of the notebook. The info folder uses the same technique but with a bit of scrap piecing too (ooo so I have done some sewing after all!)

Finally, I couldn't resist making a little keyring from some of that really really thick felt (which I have now learnt, melts under an iron!) and a little house I had on a scrap that came in a lovely bundle from M is for Make.

I am sew ready to get back to my stitching to-do list, plus I've got bee block deadlines looming!

PS if you fancy a short break to Hastings, click here to see the Hidden Cottage!


  1. Love that house sign and the keychain is so sweet. I am sure that your first holiday makers will have a brilliant time.

  2. The cottage looks amazing. I may even book a week in november!

  3. Lovely little touches! Nice looking cottage too... wish it was a little closer!

  4. The sign and keyring look lovely!
    Oh Laura come on down - it's only an hour from me x

  5. Those are all really great personal touches, and look fantastic

  6. Wow what a fantastic cottage!
    Love all the little details