Friday, 3 June 2011

Something a little different (but only temporarily!)

I've been a little remiss on the sewing and blogging front this week, for which I apologise, but there's been a nice reason. 

I finally managed to get a space in a  local antiques shop and the vast collection of vintage-alia that has been languishing in our basement is getting an airing - woohoo! (That's James who is all excited because at last the amount of stuff that is leaving this house outweighs that coming in!)

So this week, I have been labelling, dusting, labelling, sorting, boxing, dusting, labelling, listing..oh and did I mention labelling?

But, it's all done now, and here's my space so far...
Apologies for the poor quality photos, snapped with an iphone at the last minute!  I've got another cabinet to go to the right and am going to hang more handbags/vintage clothing on the walls....
If you like vintage handbags, then you may like this...

more handbags, and some 1950s/60s pottery

Phew, hard work complete, now I wait (hopefully) for the cash to roll in - to fund more fabric purchases :)

Mum and Dad will be relieved to hear that normal sewing service will now be resumed (I am an impending Aunty with a quilt to finish!)



  1. That's terrific - good luck with swapping it all for yummy cash!

  2. lol Love how you're already allocating any earnings to fabric :-) Best of luck, hope you get lots of sales!

  3. You must have been very good at shopping in a former life! Hope it all sells and soon you are showing off a shed load of fabric to us envious people.

  4. Well done on getting your own wee patch. Hope you have lots of success! Jxo

  5. I love mooching around these kind of stalls, looks lovely and I hope you sell it all !! xx

  6. Let me at it............
    It all looks fab!
    Good luck and here's to a healthy profit