Sunday, 29 May 2011

A couple of finishes (woohoo!)

Before I got pregnant I worked for a big financial services company. During this time (15 years!) I don't think anyone would have ever said "You know Ceri, she's the one that's great at finishing things off!". People generally play to their strengths, and finishing things off just isn't one of mine.

The thing is I've decided (with the arrival of Felix) to try a different lifestyle for a while and I'm not part of a team any more (who used to help with me with the finishing off!) I'm just me, so I have to curb my natural tendency to always pick new ideas at the expense of finishing old ones.

Anyway, in the spirit of this, I decided not to doing anything new this weekend, and have so far completed the two outstanding projects - the cushions I showed you as work in progress in the last post.

There's still quite a list of "started-but-not finisheds" in the fabric pile, but I felt that with two finishes under my belt I could quite legitimately reward myself with a large pile of fabric when we went to IKEA today - don't you agree?


PS Possibly two of my strengths are: a) shopping and b) presenting a convincing argument :)


  1. Ha ha!! The cushions are perfect! Well done; and yes, I am convinced!!

  2. Hahaha! I agree with you completely - I finished a couple of wips last week and instead of gettin on with more of them I splurged online... Cant sew quickly enough to accommodate my ideas!

  3. Hehehe:) You did an amazing job with your cushion covers:) They turned out beautiful!!I really like the first one:)
    Hope you have a great week:)

  4. I reckon UFOs are a necessary part of being creative - that's my

  5. Gorgeous cushions! We can all relate to being better starters than finishers - it's the creative part of us that needs to keep stimulating new ideas. Having said that, ain't it great when something gets finished - oh the satisfaction! Jxo

  6. Love, love love the cushions! Very nice indeed! Just found your site and I'm enjoying wandering through your posts. Great work!