Friday, 6 May 2011

Sorry Lizzy!

James forgot Lizzy's birthday.  I say James because Lizzy is his gorgeous little sister, but probably our responsibility is joint :).  So sorry Lizzy, as a tiny little gesture to make it up to you, I used Felix's sleep time today to stitch up a couple of rug mugs (coasters!) for you and Tommy in your favourite colour....can you guess whose is whose?

Yet more productivity - I have been stitching like a frenzied stitchy woman (imagine smoke pouring from the sewing machine and more than a couple of unpicked seams) over the last couple of nights and have almost got the supernova quilt top together (pictures in the next day or so I hope).  For a little light relief I also pieced the mini rainbow baby quilt I'm working on, and for something so simple I'm kind of in love with it...I hope that's not too arrogant!  we all love what we sew (sometimes!) don't we?



  1. Ooh! I absolutely love the rainbow quilt. Now I want one.

  2. mmm the rainbow looks lovely!

    Happy Belated Birthday Lizzy!

  3. I have fabric envy. Love all the ones in the rainbow quilt. Very pretty.

  4. This rainbow quilt will be super cute! Jxo

  5. Ooh I'm liking the rainbow too! have wanted to start something like that for a while... *feeling inspired*