Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Work in progress (every other) wednesday #4

Is it that time again?  Blimey. I find myself constantly amazed and impressed by how productive some people in blog-world are, completing quilts nearly every week..anyway, here's my (slightly less impressive!) run-down .. (linking up to WIP Wednesday at Freshly pieced!)

Projects Completed:


  • Bee Block for Miriam in Bee Europa.  Miriam asked us to use this picture as inspiration

and I came up with this - extra points if you can spot the piece of the picture I used?  (James failed this test - not sure if that's down to his fabric related concentration issues, or my sewing.... )

In doing this, I had to give myself a crash course in piecing curves and circles as Miriam prefers piecing to applique.  The circles and I had a minor punch-up, but we're sort of friends again now :)

Work in progress:
  • Sliced Coins quilt.Still no progress.  I fear I have moved on.
  • Supernova quilt-along.   Progress, but not as fast as I would like it!  All the coloured blocks are complete and I've decided on a colour order, and started stitching the blocks together..
  I was originally intending to follow the traditional rainbow sequence (Richard of York etc) but mum-in-law and mum both thought the red was probably too close to the orange. Have rearranged them to mix the colours up.  This also works better for my border which is going to be bright solids that match the square they are bordering (if that makes sense).  I've also bought this print for the back and this stripey fabric for the binding. Just a small case of sewing it all together now (ha ha)
  • Baby quilt for shop - I'm going to make one to start with and test the appetite for this sort of thing in the little shop in Hastings.  Here's the decisions so far: Colours - rainbow (hoping it will appeal to both sexes!), Design - simple stripey blocks, nothing complicated because I need to make a little profit! Size - finding this a bit tricky, the shop owner thought small buggy/pram blankets would go well, so I'm going 22"x28" (or thereabouts!).  Here's the cut pieces so far...

Projects taken on but not yet started (worryingly a growing list!):
  • Dress a girl around the world
  • Dining room chair cushions for my brother
  • Bench cushion for my oldest friend (clarify: the one I've known the longest, she's not ancient!)
  • Brit Bee - the first block for Trudi is a LynneBobSquarepants block by Lynne (aka Lily's Quilts).   Trudi has very kindly cut the fabric and given us good instructions, but I'm still worried about my seams not matching!  More on this one when I start it!
  • Sock monsters (like the original Mr Stripey) for my friend Sarah to give to two little girls she knows.  I think the brief will be pink so I'm on the lookout for pink stripey socks!
Crack on...


  1. The baby onesie is just precious. What a happy picture.

    Love the imrovisational piecing...and I did find it! lol

    This is an interesting and cheerful take on the Supernova! Really like the way you're doing this!

    The rainbow strips make me smile!

  2. Hi you! Love the blog, so much I have created one myself. I can't believe how cute Felix is. T-shirt is brilliant. How much fabric have you got!! It's like Dave (and me) in a chocolate shop ;-)

  3. All your work is fabulous but I keep returning to the photo of Felix because she is so beautiful.

  4. love the t-shirt what a doll that is modeling it. The improv block is real nice I spotted the inspiration how ya did the supernova with different colors backgrounds.very nice.

  5. cool idea on the shirt....and I love the coin quilt. I'm sure getting some good thoughts going through these blogs of what I would like to give a try.

  6. Your supernova is fantastic! I really like your placement alot!

  7. I love the little t-shirt (and the model is soooo sweet!)

  8. That t-shirt is just too cute! Love it! And of course, your Supernova is awesome. Can't wait to see more. Thanks for linking up to WIP Wednesday. : )

  9. WOW! Love that modern block (and the super-nova)! You have some really neat things going there!!

  10. That bee block is amazing! And you supernova is looking great!