Thursday, 28 April 2011

Easter break, and a quick sewing fix

Like a few other bloggers, I think, I've had a bit of a rest from blogging and sewing over the long Easter weekend.  Our weekend was filled with (in no particular order!)
 children   parents   other lovely family members   BBQs   Chocolate  The beach
Board games (Game of Life and Go for Broke, remember these?!)  Garlic Prawns 
Car boot sales (yeay!)     Water fights         Long Walks             Donkey Kong on the Wii    Mr Whippy  fish and chips    Sun

Oh, and I mustn't forget the Mango "egg" that Mum bought Felix :)

A super weekend, but I must confess I was pleased to get some time last night for blog catching-up and a sewing machine reunion :)   I needed a quick fix and have been meaning to try the following for some time, so here goes with a tutorial for a 30 minute project.

T-shirts for little people.
(There's nothing really new in this idea, but I thought it might be useful to show the process I went through)

I picked up three T-shirts for a fiver the other day at Asda and have been meaning to jazz them up a little..

Felix is rocking gingham this summer, so I thought a T-shirt in that theme might go down well.  I sketched a simple flower design and cut it out.

I chose a blue print with a gingham feel to it by Sandy Klop for Moda, and cut a piece big enough to accomodate my template, plus a similar sized piece of fusible fleece and a similar size piece of wonderweb.  The fleece is optional, it'll just give your design a bit of thickness.

I did the same with a small piece of blue linen for the centre of my flower.

I then ironed the fabric to the fleece and the wonderweb to the back.

and pinned my template to the layered fabric before cutting around it with dressmaking scissors.

I cut the centre of my flower from my template and used that to cut a circle from the blue linen.

I then ironed both pieces to my T-shirt

At this point I realised I had quite a few trimmings left over, with wonderweb on the back, so I cut out one of the little flowers and ironed that to the base of the T-shirt.

I then stitched round both designs with blue thread.  I used my ordinary sewing foot for the large design, but switched to my free-motion foot for the smaller design.

And there you have it, one stylish little lady, for less than £2!


PS the first and last photos were taken with the FREE Instagram application on my i-phone.  How cool is that!


  1. Oh what a lovely idea, the T-shirt looks fab, and how super gorgeous is Felix.
    Emma x

  2. Awwww, Felix is so cute!! (And the shirt is a great idea too! :)