Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Work in progress (every other) wednesday

I missed last week's Work in Progress post due to a lack of progress (!) and I almost missed it this week due to lurgy.  Yep, I'm writing this from my sick-bed - some weird shivery, ear achy thing.  One of the few downsides of being a mum is catching all the minor (hopefully) illnesses that babies (and their baby friends) seem to get :(

Anyway, that aside, there have been a couple of finishes this week... here goes with Work in progress (linking up with Freshly Pieced!)

Projects completed:
  • Cushions for the shop in Hastings.  Done, and handed over!  You can see three here, and the last I finished last night is below.  When I got there this morning, they'd already sold the sample I'd given them - good start!

The shop in question is aptly named "Made in Hastings" and it's deliciously relaxed but stylish in all in go. We had a chat about me doing some baby quilts too, if I can get the pricing to work.

  • Bee Europa March block - a purple strip for Muriel
  • A mug rug for Mothers Day - in my rush to post this in time for Sunday, I forgot to take a picture - darn!

Work in progress:
  • Sliced coins quilt - still on hold but the metro circles in fuschia for the backing arrived yesterday - hoorah!
  • Supernova quiltalong at Freshly Pieced - am SO enjoying this quiltalong.  Was hoping to show you three colours completed, but lurgy has meant I haven't got round to sewing them together! You can see the red block here, and orange and yellow progress below.

New projects taken on this week:
  • Bee Europa April block - Miriam would like us to make a block based on this piece of artwork! (Anyone got any tips for piecing curves?!)
DSCF7856 by CZMart
  • "Dressing a girl around the world" - this is an initiative which believes that all little girls should own at least one dress, a encourages sewers to make simple pillowcase dresses that will be distributed to poverty stricken areas. I found this via Louise at Sew Scrumptious and was touched by the idea and opportunity for me to I've committed to make a dress by June. (see below for two dresses being modelled beautifully by girls in Haiti)

If that weren't enough, also on the list is:
  • A trial baby quilt for Made in Hastings
  • A set of cushions for my brother's dining room chairs
  • A bench cushion for my friend Sian's new house
I love it that there's lots to do!



  1. Wow - love the supernova blocks. Hope you feel better soon!

  2. I love the brown/yellow supernova block - great fabrics!

  3. I somehow managed to miss your last post but it was lovely and thank, you have been soooooo busy, the shop looks gorgeous (you fit in perfectly), well done on selling your first cushion and your new quilting looks lovely. Keep up the amazing work and I hope yu are feeling better soon, Nic xx

  4. Goergeous pillow (cushion)! That may be in line for my next project :o

  5. Still just loving your Supernova blocks. I'm so glad you're doing the reverse!! : )

    Thanks for linking up to WIP Wednesday. Hope you feel better soon!