Monday, 4 April 2011

The InspiredbyFelix love-in

This post might be a little 'gushy', for which I apologise in advance.  The thing is I've been a little overwhelmed with the loveliness of people inside (and outside) of blogland this weekend. I promise that I'll highlight the flowery and effusive words I intend to write in the next couple of paragraphs so that readers can skip over them to prevent tiredness or nausea, should it all get too much :)

First off, I was awarded the Liebster blog award (for newer, smaller blogs) by Nic from SupercuteTilly.  I feel very honoured because Nic makes THE most gorgeous things (I have her hairclips to prove it).  Check out her shop if you have time, it's delicious.  Thanks Nic!

The rules of this award state that I can pass it onto three other blogs who I think deserve some recognition.  After some thought, and sifting through my google reader, I've opted for some blogs (who I don't think have received this award before), that my lovely readers might like to visit. Here are my choices:
  • All this for them - Mary Jo is super productive on the sewing front, I don't know how she achieves it all with two little ones!
  • Mrs Cheese - there are always beautiful and inspiring images on Mrs. Cheese's blog, go check them out
  • Handmade by Alice Apple - Not such a small blog, but I lust after Alice's zingy fabric designs on such a regular basis!
Congratulations all.  Don't feel obliged to pass it on if you don't want to, this is just my way of saying I really like reading your ramblings!

Next up in the InspiredbyFelix love-in is Moo and Mouse.  Yesterday, I won her giveaway for a cute (and no doubt, beautifully stitched) lavender bird.   Moo and Mouse is a new blog, written by a spendid lady called Emma who bakes yummy cakes and makes scrummy makes.  Thanks Emma!
And finally, to top off a lovely weekend, I got an email late last night from Jane Foster, who yesterday picked my comment to be the winner for one of her adorable Tilda dolls.  This doll will be Felix's first ever, and I'm just so chuffed that she will have something so stylish!   You must (must must!) check out Jane Foster's blog and shop sometime, you'll get drawn in by all the scrumptious, funky things to buy!

Phew!  can you see why I gave the warning up front?  I'm not making it up though, I do feel very pleased to be part of the online crafty community and really appreciate that people take the time to comment and also make me feel welcome on their blogs...

Right...back to normal service (!), let's finish with a little patchwork - here are the humble beginnings of my Supernova Quilt which I'm doing as part of the Supernova quiltalong over at Freshly Pieced.  I feel an orange block coming on next..will keep you posted :)



  1. This block is just so ridiculously fabulous! Love it! Can't wait to see your orange one!

    I can totally relate to your feelings about the online sewing community, it's such a wonderful bunch. : )

  2. THANK YOU oh kind lady, how lovely that you think my ramblings and findings should be rewarded.
    You've made my day!
    Big X :-)

  3. Thank you for your lovely mention to my blog makes it all worth while, I'm so glad I made the jump x

  4. Thanks for the mention! So sorry for not noticing earlier. x