Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Work in progress (every other) wednesday #3

Not much going around here as I appear to have been consumed by my Supernova quilt top :)

Here's the run-down .. (linking up to WIP Wednesday at Freshly pieced!)

Projects Completed:

Just one.  After seeing gorgeous fabric storage bags whipped up by Freshly Pieced and All this for them, I headed over to the source of their inspiration, Pink Penguin, where there is a fabulous easy tutorial for making them.   I skipped the patchwork on the sides, opting just to quilt my chosen fabric, and doubled the sizes on everything to make a storage bag for Felix's toys, so when we head out somewhere, I can take a selection with me.

All made with bits and bobs I had around the place.  The print is by Robert Kaufman and had been languishing in my fabric stash for some time because it just didn't seem to go with anything else!

Work in progress:
  • Sliced Coins quilt. hmmm...No progress
  • Supernova quilt-along.   Progress!  Only yellow and light blue left to do.  Had a little play with a mosaic to give you a feel for how it might look...

Projects taken on but not yet started (gulp):
  • Bee Europa April Block
  • Dress a girl around the world
  • Baby quilt for shop
  • Dining room chair cushions for my brother
  • Bench cushion for my oldest friend (clarify: the one I've known the longest, she's not ancient!)
Oh, and blog surfing I found a lovely gang of British Quilters so I've signed up to the Flickr group Brit Quilt, and the first Brit Bee, what am I doing?!! 

Brit Bee


  1. We have lured you in with promises of fabric and laughter!!

  2. I can throw in some chocolate too - if that would help!

  3. Oh how I love those Supernova blocks! I can't wait to see them all done and together! The toy basket is so cute too. Thanks for linking up to WIP Wednesday. : )

  4. I love how you are doing your Supernova "backwards" it is beautiful!

  5. OH! I love the idea of the fabric basket for toys. My DD has WAY too many toys in WAY too many rooms of the house. Maybe if I make her a sweet basket, she'll be more likely to put them away??


    (let's just all let me enjoy my hallucination for a bit longer, shall we?)

    We lived in Guildford, Surrey for 3 years (2004-2007) while my husband worked on his PhD. There were NO fabric stores to be found. Anywhere near me. I had my sewing machine, but the only time I sewed was when I ordered fabric from the States. It seems like now there are more stores around - which is a good thing! Happy Brit quilting!

  6. Fabric, laughter AND chocolate? I must be dreaming!

  7. I love the toy basket and your super nova quilt is looking really good I can't wait to see it finished.

  8. I love your supernova, its going to be awesome!