Friday, 1 April 2011

Three down, one to go

Phew!  have been beavering away and have finished three of the four cushions for the shop in Hastings.  The last one is almost done too, just got to stitch the back to front.

I submitted this sample to the shop over a month ago along with photos of other things I'd made (I didn't mention it on the blog because all the stuff in this shop is GORGEOUS and I wasn't that confident they'd have room for me!). Anyway, the response was that they really liked the spring greens and interesting patchwork (rather than just traditional squares).

 So, that was my brief, four more cushions in spring greens and a bit more interesting than square patches...

By the way, the colours on these two are brighter than they appear, darn my DSLR camera for being more advanced than me :)

Hopefully these fit the bill!  They're all envelope backed, with a contrast binding on the envelope and have my label tucked on the inside. 

I'm going to make a couple of extra (in the vague hope these sell quickly!) so would love your input...

Would you be more likely to buy a square or a rectangular cushion? and do you prefer the brighter colours or the lighter tones in the duck-egg blue one?

Any input gratefully received!


PS Big thanks to SupercuteTilly for awarding me the Leibster Blog award (and for saying Felix is gorgeous!).  I will post about this properly soon!


  1. I'm sorry I can't chose, I'll have them all please!
    I absolutely love the way you do the back of your cushions so lovely.
    Emma x

  2. Lol....I have to agree with Emma....I would have them all too. I have both shapes on my sofas, I love bright colours (as if you didn't know) but you already pick beautiful colours so I don't think you need any help there. They are all gorgeous and I am sure they will sell well, Nic ♥

  3. I love all, but the rectangular designs are my favourites. Great colours and pattern combos.
    I like the dark grey too x

  4. Oh boy, Ceri, these are gorgeous! I'm drooling over the top-most one! Good for you for pitching these to the shop! I can't wait to hear how they sell. I'm definitely in favor of the color scheme in the top 3. :) (All the shapes look good, but squares might be more common and desirable?)

  5. Just seen these Ceri - they are fab! Might be commissioning you to make some for our new sunroom....yes, it's finished at last! Just got to get some furniture first to put them on xx