Thursday, 14 April 2011

The facts and figures post...

Phew, I don't half owe some thank you's this week. Here's the statistics since my last blog post:
  • 1 "lurgy sickness bug" that lasted 5 days (booo)
  • 2 full days in bed
  • 2 baby-sitting sessions from lovely mother-in-law (Thanks Sue!)
  • 1 recuperative visit to the parents (where 2 loads of washing were processed - thanks Mum and Dad, and not just for the washing!)
  • 3 children looked after all day by the handsome James on Sunday, you're the best!
  • 1 gorgeous bunch of flowers from Lizzy and Tommy (awwww, these are lovely, see photo, thanks both of you!)
  • 0 units of alcohol consumed (yes zero!)
  • 1 new haircut (not sure about this one)
  • 1 new cutting mat and 6 secondhand patchwork/quilting books acquired
  • 0 minutes sewing time :(
  • 66 minutes blog reading time (approximately)
  • 2lbs lost
  • 216 squares cut in an effort to catch up with the Supernova Quiltalong
And to top it all, whilst I was laid low, 3 lovely bloggers cheered me up by awarding me the stylish blogger award!!!

How chuffed am I?   statistically speaking about 89,003,222 % chuffed :)  It's just so lovely to have other people notice your blog and like the things you make, so for starters, huge thanks to Val at PinkPlease!, Jess at Quilty Habit and Lee at Freshly Pieced.  Val is the Queen of Ticker tape, and has inspired me to have a go, Jess has an entertaining blog packed with tips, tricks and Dresdens, and Lee is hosting the fabulous Supernova quiltalong - her colour choices rock!  Take a look, if you haven't already!
Now, for the rules of the award.  I'm supposed to do:
1. Thank and link back to the person who gave you the award.  Done!
2. Share seven things about yourself. See below.
3. Award 6 recently discovered great bloggers.
4. Contact the bloggers and tell them about the award

Right here goes with the 7 facts (apologies to my family and friends who likely know all this already!)

1) I basically love all yellow food - cheese, potatoes, pasta, icecream etc all float my boat!
2) I've got a degree in Archaeology but have never directly used it
3) Before I had Felix, I ran a large IT department for a financial services company, but find managing one baby just as challenging!
4) I'm naturally messy, it's a constant battle to keep things tidy (and one I don't always win!)
5) I love all things vintage and used to buy and sell 1950s-1970s handbags, jewellery and pottery.  This one is on hold whilst Felix is so little and as a result our basement is stuffed with the results of my hoarding!
6) I was once awarded with the title "Best improved Gymnast" - improved is the key word here!
7) My full name is Ceridwen - which apparently has two possible meanings - The Goddess of poetry (Welsh) and the Goddess of the black sow (Celtic).  As the latter was a nasty woman who poked mens eyes out I'll stick with the former!

Phew!  And now to pass this on!  Here are my choices:

Jenny at Squawk, Baby! - This lady is a swapaholic! Just take a look at her to-do list to see how productive and multi-talented she is!
Emma at Moo and Mouse - If you haven't been here, go there now!  Lovely perfectly pretty makes, and she's always got something new on the go!
Laura at On {the laundry} line - gorgeous children, generally lovely pics, including the best photo of baby legwarmers I have ever seen :)

Recipients, please don't feel obliged to pass this on if you don't want to, just bask in the glory of your bloggy brilliance!

Back soon with some sewing, I hope!



  1. Hi Ceri, I'm so sorry you've been so poorly, I hope you're feeling much better now.
    Thank you for thinking of me for the stylish blogger award, that is so kind of you although slightly undeserved I feel...( I haven't posted in a few days....the allotment has taken over my life)
    Emma x

  2. B L I M E Y !!!!
    I really hope you're feeling better now, you poor thing.
    Loving your list of 7 facts. I too am welsh and have the welsh name (Nerys - means lady of the sea!!!!)
    Take care of yourself and wish you better

  3. Aw, thanks! I have to say, I feel ya on the sickies. Yesterday I was pondering out loud over whether I perhaps had managed to come up with some sort of allergies, it is spring, theoretically. And then I woke up this morning and was almost relieved to realize that I have come down with a mean, nasty cold. But this award makes me feel better!!