Sunday, 22 May 2011

Car booty!

OK, so third date is going fine so far (see previous post if you are totally confused by this statement!) and all my half square triangles are stitched and trimmed.   I struggled to think of an original "in progress" photo (following bee rules and not giving away what's been stitched) so instead opted for the cute factor and snapped a couple of aforementioned half square triangles on sleeping Felix! She is so darned cute I couldn't resist (yes, yes, I know all mums say that!)

Other than that, no sewing progress. Our weekends are taken up with the lovely George and Kaitlyn who are James' children so we spent this morning at a car boot sale which is their idea of heaven (do you know how much stuff you can buy for £1 if you really try??!!).  They came away loaded with a sword/gun, a blue pony, a spider and web, sticky things that you throw at windows etc etc whilst I found the following vintage bargains:

A set of 4 drinking glasses

And this gorgeous set of egg cosies (I'm not sure how useful these are, but how cool is the fabric?)

Before I got pregnant I used to sell at antiques and collectables fairs (mostly vintage handbags and 50s/60s stuff) so these items are both destined for the basement until I find time to do one again!

Poor old James bravely pushed Felix around and kept her occupied whilst the three of us ran excitedly from stall to stall (or is that boot to boot?), so I've just made him kedgeree with smoked haddock from Hastings old town to make it up to him :)



  1. I remember (fondly) when ours slept like that, now they get changed into dressing up and ransack the bedroom before eventually falling asleep!

    Great booty - the egg cosies are gorgeous!

  2. With some stuffing and a little work those egg cosies could make very cute pincushions...

  3. I remember drinking from glasses like that as a child (in the 70's). They're lovely. Jxo

  4. ooh yes I love the glasses and egg warmers!! great colours and yes your felix looks sooo cute XXX

  5. Love those glasses and Felix is a cutie! Wish ny little ones still slept like that :)
    Fiona x

  6. Helloooo!! Man miss the car boots.... havent been in ages. Will have a go at dragging Dave round one soon. I hear you are coming up soon!!! Will you have time to meet up? Love the glasses.xx

  7. I'm totally in love with those egg cosies! Good work!