Thursday, 2 December 2010

First post - how exciting!!

Well, this is a turn-up.  I've decided to do a blog.  Those of you who know me will know that the commitment associated with a blog is really not my thing!

So why now?  Well, I'm on maternity leave for starters (I'm not sure this helps, I seem to have less time now than ever before!), and have built a website to showcase the patchwork I've started doing. In case you are wondering, Felix is my daughter and she is truly inspiring so it seemed only fair to name this after her.

Anyway, maybe it was a pregnancy craving but I find myself suddenly addicted to fabric, patchwork and all things crafty so this blog will be (mainly) devoted to this subject, along with juggling motherhood and the odd observation on life in general.

The tea's ready so I'll finish here, but before I leave, I must just rave about a new magazine I bought in Tesco's the other day (Felix and I went to fill our afternoon, is that sad?).  It's called "Making" and is the first craft magazine I've found that is actually stylish, interesting and has achievable projects in it!  (plus, Issue 2 has a special on patchwork - could it get any better?)  Check it out if you get time


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