Sunday, 12 December 2010

Secret Santa..

We had a Christmas lunch this week. By we, I mean the lovely "ladies with babies" I've met since moving here and having Felix..  It was a rather hectic affair (as you may imagine) but there was a moment when all 9 mums were seated at the table and we managed a Christmas toast before the next little person required attention.   Anyway, we'd decided to do a secret Santa, and I was determined to offer up a homemade gift if at all possible.  I went "googling" for speedy fabric based crafty projects suitable for new mums and ended up on this page

- with instructions for Japanese fabric flowers called Kanzashi.  Check it out, they are very cute.  Half an hour later, I ended up with this brooch

 - which I love but, to be honest, was a bit wonky so I ended up giving the latest patchwork cushion to my (not really that secret) secret Santa person!

We are actually quite a crafty bunch and I was treated to a jar of homemade apple chutney as well as a gorgeous photo of Felix in a lovely hand-painted frame (thanks Sharon!).  Queen of the crafters, though, has to be Nikki who is working her way round all of us knitting our little ones the cutest ever hats.  The clever lady only picked up knitting needles a couple of months ago but is a human knitting machine.  Here's Felix modelling hers, oh and Nikki's cat modelling another (don't ask!)

Til next time x

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  1. Love the website Ceri, glad you've got something to do with all your free time!!!! We might have a go at making the flower brooch, or we might be commissioning you!! Sarah and Alice xx