Sunday, 5 December 2010

Wonky or straight?

When it comes to patchwork, I'm actually a novice.  I know this because squares and stripes are all very well, but give me a triangle and it all goes...well, a bit wonky.  I got a bit ahead of myself recently and found a patchwork block called Tippencanoe. This block features three types of triangles and I thought I'd give it a go for a cushion


......three hours later and with high stress levels I finally produce said cushion.  See below for the culprit, it looks OK from a distance but close up non of the points match and one of the central triangles is definitely bigger than the others!   And this was after I unpicked it because I made perfect points on the edges only to realise I'd left no seam margins...grrrrrr

So for the moment, I'm sticking to wonky and not getting too bothered by my lack of technical prowess. Here's the latest creation, made with layers of random stripes so none of the seams match!

Maybe I'll try triangles again in 2011 :)


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