Sunday, 18 September 2011

It's been a busy week (or two!)

 I've been a bit remiss on the bloggy front recently (both reading and writing of blogs!).  It's been a bit hectic round here, but hopefully normal service will be resumed next week...

First off there was the wedding in Ireland

which was a boozy three days long and much fun (this picture is day three, and the bride is the radiant blonde on the left!).  The Norwich girls were reunited which was brilliant.  Hopefully they are now subscribing by email to keep in touch with my ramblings :)  Hello all!

Then there was a day out with Terri, gorgeous Brit Bee friend

where there was much chatter and a teensy bit of fabric browsing

All whilst working on a commission and stock for the new shop which is opening in a weeks time.

(Oh, and Felix has decided long morning naps are for wimps....)

So here is just a bit of the sewing that's happened around here:

The second two cushions are commissions.  The rainbow one is made from all sorts of fabric, including 3 silk scarves, 2 skirts, some of the scraps from Jan and Ilona, some red and gold sparkly tops, and a pair of jeans!  Interfacing was used with anything sheer or vaguely stretchy but piecing it was still a little tricky!

I also made the same customer a doorstop using my treasured Ruby Star Rising "vintage ladies". 

The last door-stop I made was half the size of this and filled with rice.  The problem was it just slid across the floor with the weight of the door.  So this time I made it twice the size, and filled it with play sand.  The sand is in a food bag and there is a calico lining so this should be safe's definitely heavy enough to stub your toe on :)

oh, and look what arrived from Amazon...  how did that happen?!

More things to sew!  anyone got a time machine?



  1. Hilarious post Ceri! Your cushions are stunning (as always!) and I love your doorstop. Good to hear your absence has been spent celebrating and investing in good friends. Jxo

  2. I've got the Bag Making Bible - it's a fab book

  3. Love the bright 'starburst' cushion! Is it done by ticker tape?
    Its soooooooooo beautiful :)

  4. BMB - Got it! Going to be using it soon!

  5. Loving all the sewing projects, especially the doorstops, I doubt it would even occur to me what to fill them with. I do have some play sand in my gran's garage leftover from a previous project, I'm sure she's be glad to see the back of some of it in a useful way lol

  6. Shopping, selling, boozing and spending time with Terri - perfect xx

  7. Boy you've been having a great time! Gorgeous cushions :-)

  8. You are the ultimate cushion making queen. And sounds like you've been having fun. Good enough reason for being AWOL.

  9. That 3rd cushion down is blummin' gorgeous!

  10. Ceri, you know I wish I had a time machine!! Those cushions are too cute - that's so exciting about the shop - can't wait to hear more about it!

  11. Love all the cushions and the door stop looks great! Shop? Think I've missed for a look!