Monday, 5 September 2011

There's a slug in my craft room!

No, this is not a euphemism for something else, there really is a slug in my craft room, I found him with my bare toes when standing looking on the shelves for some ribbon.   Oh, and then I found his mate too.

The fact the craft room is so damp that slugs can have a party there - not good
The feeling of slug between unsuspecting toes - really really NOT GOOD!.

Something needs to be done....

However, in the warm dry kitchen I did manage to make a few things last week.  I made this skirt for Felix's friend Georgia's first birthday....using this simple pattern, and just scaling it down to baby size.

I got Felix to model it...
...and then James vetoed giving it away, so we kept it and I made this one instead for Georgia!

Oh, and a few days late (posted now, so should be with you shortly, Sarah!) I also managed to complete the August Bee blocks.  Sarah sent us a fab array of blue and black fabrics and asked for anything non-traditional.   She said experiment, so I did!

Block 1 almost beat me when I completely underestimated the amount of black needed, but I was rescued by a little package of more black and I was able to finish it.  Don't ask me where the idea came from, I think I started with Harry Potter, but then I couldn't resist adding the the way, big thanks to my bloggy friends for the lovely Flickr comments on these blocks, made my day :)

Oh and finally, for those of you not in Brit Bee (Mum!), here is a glance at the finished Project 51, which was a secret project that all the Brit Bee ladies contributed to. Trudi did an amazing job of the quilting and it has now reached it's lovely recipient. I hope it's being snuggled under right now..



  1. Eeeuuuuw! Stepping on a slug is not an experience that you ever want to have. I sympathise greatly. Love those skirts! Can I have one, please. And we left comments on your bee blocks because they are sooooooo good!

  2. eeeewww Slugs Ceri? Thats bad!! The teeny wee skirts - they're gorgeous :-) (as is the model)
    So glad you had fun with the blocks, cant wait to get my mitts on them!

  3. So far I've had moths & mice in my sewing room!! Thankfully no slugs - yet!! Felix is sooo cute - she could easily have a modelling career ahead of her! Jxo

  4. Eww, eww, eww to the slugs, my toes are curling up just at the thought!

    Love the skirts and blocks though :o)

  5. SHUDDER SHUDDER SHUDDER! Squishy slugs between your toes - yeuch!
    I was drying myself out of the bath yesterday and a spider the size of a mouse dropped at my feet. A little bit later I went to put my trousers on and his big brother fell out of the trouser leg - WAHHHHHHHHHH!
    Hertfordshire spiders are truly huge and now they're popping up all over the house.
    I love the little skirts, they're so sweet

  6. Flash bang what a picture! Sorry that's what your block makes me think of! Great makes all - totally upstaged by the model!

  7. That quilt is gorgeous. Such an original design! And I love the skirts -too cute - and I think I said "ew!!" out loud when you talked about the slugs. I know how you feel, kind of - a spider crawled over my sewing machine when I was using it the other day and I FLIPPED OUT.

  8. Oh I so sympathise with the slugs! When I was at Uni I lived in a flat that was slug infested - walking through the kitchen to the bathroom at night - underfoot and on the walls where the light switch was meant to be - eugh!!!!

    Sweet skirts and model though xx

  9. slugs inbetween your toes...?!? yuk!!! but aaw felix in that GORGEOUS skirt, the sweetest thing, I have some serious learning to do so I can make one for OLive :) x x x

  10. Lovely skirt. Not so lovely about the slug. Does your room have air bricks? Ever since they put air bricks in the kitchen (way behind the units) I've had to occassional slug in my kitchen. I think they squeeze their way though the holes in the air brick. I keep meaning to get some of that mesh stuff that lets air in but keeps other stuff out.

  11. aw gross, I get spiders in my craft room. But slugs - nasty! Adorable little skirt and girl!

  12. Make sure next time you go into your craft room you season your feet with salt-those fat sluggies will just fizz right up! Like opening up a can of coke (not worms-coke!)
    Does that skirt come in adult sizes too? I think little Miss Felix's winning smile sealed on how cute they are. Love those fabrics.
    Project 51-every time that is "showed and telled" brings tears to my eyes and a lump to my throat. Well done all of you.

  13. Skirts are lovely! Your model is adorable! And I absolutely love the girls in those blocks on your Project 51.