Thursday, 29 September 2011

Time off

My trusty Husqvarna and I have been having some quality time apart this week.  It's just so lovely here in Hastings at the moment, and I was a bit "sewn out" after last week, so we've done a bit of this:

and a bit of this:

and of course a bit of this:

(Brit Bee ladies, I thought since we were sharing photos I'd show you some of the lovely James, since you already know what Felix and I look like!)

Not the sewing machine has had a complete holiday, I had some fun making Susan's Drunkards Path blocks:

I may be being daft, but I seem to have missed why this lovely pattern is called Drunkards path...can anyone enlighten me?

And I'm trying out some designs for handbag mirrors with cases.  I bought the machine and the kit to make 250 of the things when I was 35 weeks pregnant and slightly hormonal!  I thought I might cover them in vintage fabric scraps, and make little cases like the one below for selling at the craft fair in November, but I'm still not sold on the design - it's fiddly to do the lining and I'm struggling with witty phrases to add to the front.  James vetoed my suggestion of "Have I got spinach in my teeth??" saying no one would buy it!

Any ideas?  I also thought maybe adding a ribbon with a keyring?

Oh and finally, I left my computer alone for a second and it oddly found it's way to Whipstitch fabrics and ordered me a pile of nifty fabrics - how clever is that? :)


  1. Isn't it funny when your computer orders fabric for you? Mine did that the other day :) tee hee.
    I think a ribbon and a keyring would be cute. Maybe a ribbon with a button attached for extra cuteness?
    And, along with the theme of cute, cute pictures! :)

  2. what a very clever computer you have :-) Looks like you are having a lovely break

  3. Oooh I was looking at that "Be a Man" print this afty! Whatcha got planned for it? Drunkards path - cos it cant do a straight line! lol Great photos :-)

  4. Loved meeting the hubster :-) Blocks look fabulous darling!

  5. Gotta love clever, fabric ordering computers...

  6. Oh, that quality time is priceless...and time away from Husky is never a bad thing. We come back ready to create and fresh!

    Love your pictures!

  7. Great fabric and chap!
    I like the mirrors - know what you mean about the fiddle cases! Persevere!

  8. Oh what a clever computer, mine does that all the time too! Don't ya just love it when a little parcel arrives.......
    Have a sunny weekend

  9. LOL! Whatever you do, don't take responsibility!! Gorgeous stash & blocks. And your wee handbag mirror is the cutest gift. Like the idea of a keychain. Jxo

  10. Looks like you're having a lovely time! I think the drunkards path was a specific way of putting these together and so it looked like a path that was all curvy and not straight - like a drunkard would walk. If that's not the case and I just made that up I think that would work as an explanation to people not in the know ;-)

  11. Mirror, mirror ..
    Who are you looking at?
    Looking hot
    Looking cool
    Looking good
    I'm so pretty
    Well hello beautiful!
    Hey good looking!
    Hot mama!
    Looking 21 again!

    Any good? Your man reminds me of the Milk Tray man! DP's are great!

  12. Can I borrow your computer for a wee while? Lovely to meet the Mister. Even though they're they biggest pain in the rear to do, do those mirrors, and attatch a slip of ribbon or something because teenage girls and hot mamas alike will buy them. They'll always need to pucker those lips!