Thursday, 20 October 2011

Quilting by Powerpoint

Sorry it's been a bit quiet around here...I've spent the week at Mum and Dads and consequently not had much time to sew or read blogs.  I did have marvellous intentions of catching up a little on the HUGE "To-Do" list so on top of all the baby gear, I diligently packed:
  • My sewing machine and all the accoutrement's
  • Fabrics for the commission I am currently working on
  • Interfacing
  • Freezer paper
  • Thread
  • Two pairs of scissors
  • My unpicker
  • Pins and needles
  • Scraps, in case I wanted to start on something else
It was only halfway around the M25 that I realised that progress would be severely limited by the lack of rotary cutter, mat and quilting rulers......DOH!

Grrrr...undeterred...I finished the applique element of the commission (more on that later) and then did some quilting by PowerPoint...

In case you are wondering what I mean, I use PowerPoint (Microsoft presentation software) to draw up designs.  It's probably not totally suited to quilting designs but since I have spent 15 years of my life using it to get messages across I'm reasonably adept at drawing pictures in it!

So first up, here are the designs for the Brit Bee blocks for Miss October.  Laura asked for stars, so I searched my old patchwork books and found the "Eastern star".  A bit of tweaking to use HSTs rather than diamonds and fit the fabrics I's the PowerPoint version

And I have managed to get this one stitched up, so here's the fabric version...

Block 2 is still on PowerPoint only, but I'm thinking something like this...

If I can stretch the fabric,and if it meets the requirements of Miss Laulipops?!

Next I drew up some designs for the Brit Quilt Pillow Swap.  So, mystery any of these appeal to you?

Number 1: Floating squares, bright prints, sashed in white and all set on natural linen

Number 2: I think you like string quilting, so this design is a trellis of string patches (don't pay attention to the colours, this is the subject of another decision!)

Number 3: Simple but stylish, green and grey rectangles and linen

Number 4:  The Wild card, how about one of those stars above?!

Please help me decide, mystery partner!



  1. Great idea to use power point for that, I use Visio to draw a lot of patterns up in.

    Those block look great, and I'd go for option #1, but then I'm not in the swap ;o)

  2. i like number 1 too :)
    ps have found wedding venue!! joy!!

  3. I like number 1 too :)

    I love your second design for the block too. What a good idea 'practising' on the computer first, it saves so much guess work.

  4. Oh all very cool - Love Lolly's star!

  5. If I'm your partner - and I really hope I am - then I'm seriously no help cos I LOVE them ALL! Especially 1,2 & 3....

  6. Loving those stars for Lolly - what a clever lady you are! Not that I'm in the pillow swap or anything, but I really like pic no.1! I'm sure whatever you make will be uber fabulous daaarling! Jxo

  7. OMG Ceri!! I LOVE that star!! How tiny are those hst?? 2" cut? You crazy lady! And the second one looks amazing too... squeeee!Pillow wise, I think 1 for me... but 2 could be pretty epic if you threw in some selveges???

  8. Love them all, which is no help! Love the Bee stars!

  9. I love, love, love the floating squares and I'm not in the swap. Sob!

  10. Hi,

    I've just discovered your blog (paying a sneaky visit via sewrayme). I love all your makes - you use such gorgeous colours/patterns in your things, and are abviously a very talented lady! :-)

    I think I like number 3 best. I'm really in to green at the moment - and love all the different shades together.

    What a clever idea to design on the computer, by the way!

    See you again soon.....