Wednesday, 21 December 2011


I admit it... I totally over-committed myself this Christmas.  What with a few commissions, plus a whole heap of Christmas gifts I decided I was going to make, I find myself in full on panic mode with a ginormous list of sewing left to do, no Christmas cards sent and no present wrapping done!

And this kind of panic leads to sewing disasters....

but first the good stuff :)

One doorstop completed for a commission due on Christmas Eve.  A remake of the hungry caterpillar to match is on it's way too.

Another commission, two kids book bags (for twin girls) and a large cushion cover.  The cushion was fun because I was handed the old one (on the left) and asked to replace it "in the same colour scheme but a bit more interesting"....I really hope this will fit the bill!

And a large washbag destined as a Christmas pressie for someone who I think doesn't read my blog!

There's more, but I can't show it just yet.

Did I mention a sewing disaster?  Sigh. 
It all started pretty well. The request is for four dining room chair cushions destined for brother number 2 and his girlfriend (also hopefully not blog readers).  I've never made these before so I'm in "make it up as you go along" mode.  I started by purchasing four cheap cushions and unpicking the covers on them (Tip: this worked out at half the price of having foam cut to order!)

Using the old covers as templates, I cut my fabric for the first one, added a zip (ha ha, so easy to type, but not so easy in real life) and stitched the top and bottom together, with piping and cotton tape for the ties.

It's a bit messy at the zip ends, but it's passable.

Encouraged by this, and with the learnings of zip number 1 under my belt, I embark on cover number 2.  It goes like a dream, the zip, the piping, the corners...I even finish the insides with a zigzag stitch.

Number 2 is on the left...can anyone spot why I am officially a Doofus?

Yes, the fabric is upside down. I think I want to cry :(

James says it won't be noticeable when people are sitting on them....had to smile at giving up for this evening and am going blog surfing...goodnight all!




  1. Awwww, well position the seats face to face, no one will notice! I absolutely love them though, and that fabric is freakin awesome ;-)

  2. James is right, no one will notice. Loving all your makes.

  3. I am really sorry, I suspect I would have done the same wrong result.
    Can you use the 'wrong' top as a bottom for another one?? Maybe a future one to sell? Then it won't be a complete Grrrrr?

  4. Your makes look great! I do the upsidedown fabric thing a lot.

  5. But it's actually the right way up for the person approaching the seat - they can have a wee read before they sit on it. Lovely makes chick! Hang in there! Jxo

  6. Och, I never even noticed, but what Judith said, that might actually be the right way up ;o)

    Good luck with the rest of your list, I think I might be winning with the embroidery...

  7. I really wouldn't worry about it - just make #3 the same as #1 and #4 the same as #2 and they'll never know which way the fabric as supposed to be! I love everything you've made!

  8. I have given up on working with directional fabric!!!

    I hope you catch up with yourself soon and manage to have a relaxing Christmas!

  9. oh no, what a shame: altho I certainly didn;t notice the difference!! Love the fabric