Saturday, 24 December 2011

Secret (ish) Santa

This year the ladies in the Brit Bee decided to do a Secret Santa. If you're not familiar with the term it means buying (or in this case making) an anonymous gift for your allotted secret partner.  You then receive a gift in the post and have lots of fun a) marvelling at other people's talent, and b) trying to guess who sent you it.

It's all the more fun because although most of the Brit Bees have never met, we certainly know each others taste and style. 

So what did I get....?

Oh my, the most fabulous little package arrived last week, and I'm afraid to say I opened it straight away...and tucked inside was the most marvellous of goodies!

Firstly, this fabulous fabulous embroidery hoop, made all the more wonderfully relevant because rabbits are James' favourite animal, and we both ski (me rather more slowly!)

Look, how fab is this?!  Based on a vintage embroidery pattern, I just think it's super lovely, and I'm afraid that despite sneaking outside to take these photos, I did not do it justice.
And if that weren't enough, in the package I also found this gorgeous little house decoration (I've been meaning to try one of these for a while, and then I get my very own!)

Plus, some yummy fabric scraps, both vintage and new (because my partner clearly knows I'm a scrap lover)

and some chocolates which I'm afraid I can't show you because James and I wolfed them when the kids were in bed :)

I'm overwhelmed with the generosity and all-round cleverness of my partner....whose identity I should now make a guess at...

Well the little houses I've seen before somewhere.... and the embroidery hoop has a vintage style I recognise too..

is it...

Could it be....

actually, I'm not going to say just yet, I don't want to spoil the guessing game for the others!

But Santa, huge thanks, I'm SO SO chuffed with my goodies

Merry Chrimble everyone ! x


  1. Ooooh, what a wonderful secret santa indeed, love the hoop, beautiful work by another wonderwoman :) She's a clever lady :)

  2. Hehehe that hoops a bit of a giveaway!! Got to be the embroidery elf in the West Coast... Its fab!

  3. Well I'm voting for Fiona too! Have an absolutely fabulous Christmas!

  4. Happy Christmas Ceri! I think you're cheating, you have to guess :)

  5. Hmm, I have a sneaking suspicion it's a Santa that lives pretty damn close to me... :oD Love the pressies anyway! Hope you have a wonderful Christmas :o)

  6. What a generous and talented Santa!!! Lovely, lovely stuff!!!
    Hope you had a wonderful Christmas!
    Happy New Year!!!