Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Extreme sewing!

And before you say it, no, I am not sitting naked at my sewing machine (!), it's not that sort of extreme. Nor am I sewing at high altitudes...it's more about the amount of sewing that's been going on round here.
This is evidenced by the following facts:
  • I'm on my third 500m of white thread this week
  • I haven't written a blog post for over a week
  • There is a serious washing backlog
  • My blog reader stands at 786 unread items (I'm so sorry everyone, I will try and catch up!)
  • I've broken two needles
  • I've done another two craft fairs and updated stock in both shops
  • I've learnt some new skills including piping, and inserting zips into cushions
  • Felix has spent time with her Dad, Granny and Grandad, and Nana and Gramps and our childminder (I know you've had fun little lady, but sorry to pass you around :(   )
  • My Mum arrived on Saturday and ordered 5 items for Christmas presents, some of which are to be taken with her when she leaves today (I'm not moaning at this, since she is a big fan of my work, she pays well, AND she and Dad are brilliant with Felix!)
and finally, the most compelling evidence of extreme sewing...

I broke a bobbin!  This has never happened to me before and was a bit of a shock when I was hit by a flying piece of plastic and then thread cascaded all over the place...no harm done, except that I'm down to three bobbins, which is just not enough! (Christmas present hint, Mum!)

So sorry I've been AWOL and not reading everyone's blogs, I will remedy that this week...but in the meantime, here's some pictures of some of the latest makes:

Zippy overload:

Make-up bags:

Cushions made from single fabrics (trying a different tactic at the craft fairs), but snazzed up with piping and a covered zip on the back

Bucket bag with leather straps:

and finally, a little travel tissue holder for Mum's friend (and fabric benefactor) Mavis!

Whilst the craft fairs have been fun, I am looking forward to a little respite and some "me" sewing in the new year!



  1. Goodness you have been super busy, you have made some lovely things, I love the purse with the heart and the map of london cushion is lovely. Wow I've never had a bobbin break that really is extreme lol.
    Emma x

  2. Wow wow wow! Very busy indeed! Love the pouch with the heart reverse appliqué... so cute!

  3. I hope that all this means things are selling like hot cakes and well done to you for it. Very pleased. Do the smart thing and mark all blogs as read or else you will just stress yourself. Life doesn't end if you miss some of our posts. Remember to leave yourself some time to actually rest before Christmas!

  4. Nothing wrong with extreme sewing - of any kind -
    Mind the naked variety might be a bit frosty this time of the year.

  5. Yikes! But way to crank those things out, they look fab!

    As for bobbins, 10 for £8.60 at: http://www.sewingworld.co.uk/Husqvarna_Bobbins.html?gclid=CML15cOf7awCFWEntAod2kMQ9A

  6. wonderful makes Ceri, and dont worry at all about the unread blogs, you've been incredibly busy!

  7. How are you still awake? I can't believe how much you've made in a week or so and it's all fantastic. Take Susan's advice and clear your list in reader - just start afresh when you've got time! Take care and get a rest!!

  8. Flippin' heck but you've been busy! Well done you.

    I love that stripy makeup bag with the two swimmers, adorable! And those cushions look lovely too - I'm so glad you've discovered the joy of piping!! Now put your feet up, ignore that washing and have a cup of tea... x

  9. Wow! I can't say how impressed I am! I was wondering how you were the other day as I hadn't seen a post from you lately. It's really inspiring to see someone making beautiful things and getting them sold :)

  10. Blimey you've been a busy bee!
    I hope you're managing to include some tea and biccie time into the sewing schedule.

  11. Wow - I'm exhausted just reading your post!


  12. Wow! what a lot you have done. You must be mentally and physically exhausted. I do hope you get some me time at Christmas

  13. Bloody hell woman - good on you!
    Love the look of that chef purse!

  14. Phew, I'm exhausted just looking all that you've been up to!

    (And you have a very scary looking sweing machine!) It looks v fancy :)

    I know what you mean about looking forward to a break....I've been ill this week and what a waste of 2 days it was - got so much to get done!!

  15. What an inspiration! But I am exhausted just reading what you have got up to! Am contemplating making zippy numbers for 5 guide leaders by Friday! Am I mad!?

  16. Goodness me girl - you must have an intravenous drip of red bull permanently in your veins! Gorgeous makes, and love the modern applique - v.chique. You definitely deserve a rest over Christmas. Jxo

  17. I've never broken a bobbin either! Guess there's a first time for everything!! I love your little zippy bags!

  18. Amazing.... I feel worn out just looking!!