Monday, 21 May 2012

Double act!

On Thursday, Terri (aka Mish Mish Mama aka fabulous human being) and I got together to do some sewing.  We'd decided to sew a quilt for the Siblings Together Charity which is rocking the online quilting world at the moment, and a jolly good cause it is too.   Click here to read about it on Lynne's blog, Lily's quilts, if you haven't already.

The vague plan was to sew a quilt in a day - which didn't really happen!  Here's the rough timeline of events:

9.00 Lovely Felix goes to the childminder
9.30 Terri arrives - hot drinks and chat and Internet fabric shopping
9.32  James spots delicious homemade cookies that Terri has brought
10.30 Decide we need a plan, look at available fabrics
10.32 James caves and asks for a cookie
11.00 Settle on using Terri's Pips charm pack as basis for a log cabin quilt, rummage in fabric stashes for coordinates
11.15 Hot drinks, chat, James (working from home!) appears and eats another cookie
11.30 Start cutting and sew a test block (that looks like this), chat

(or was it this one??)

12.00 Terri sewing inner parts of blocks, chain-piecing styley, Ceri slicing strips of fabric for outer logs, chat
13.30 Lunch, chat, James eats a cookie
14.00 Back to it!  Stitch Stitch Stitch - look, we're hard at work, honest!

16.00 Politely request that James goes and retrieves Felix, which he does, in exchange for a cookie - (yes, that's four!)  Fifteen blocks down, 5 to go

17.00 Look, twenty blocks! Terri has to leave for her brood, so we call it a day.

Yep, they need sewing together, quilting and binding, but hopefully we have a plan to achieve that before the Quilting Retreat in two weeks time..

A very satisfying day, in many ways....and we'll have to have another one to get this finished, darn it :)



  1. This looks so civilised! But shouldn't James have been providing the tea and cookies!?

    Love what you have done so far!

  2. Oh brilliant!
    Terri look at all your hair! OK you will have already, but loving the pixie crop!!!
    Oh and James, stop eating the bics and do something with that garden ;)

  3. LOL Looks like so much fun! (and now we know James' kryptonite...) Great work lovely ladies :-)

  4. I so wish I lived closer! I could out eat James in the cookie department.

  5. What a productive day you had! Like susan, wish I lived closer and you could have a finished quilt in no time!

  6. Well done you girls.Looks like you had lots of fun and cookies....

  7. Aw you two are ace! Beautiful blocks! I think James secretly wanted to join in all the fun! Jxo

  8. Looks great so far! Next time I suggest you padlock the cookies away ;o)

  9. Sounds like a SUPER day!!! And what an achievement - I can't believe you did so much (and had time to eat cookies too)!!! It looks great so far - can't wait to see it when it's all quilted and bound.....