Thursday, 31 May 2012

Meet Terri!

I know, it's unheard of for me to blog two nights on the trot...but this one is a little different.  One of our Brit Bees, Terri, who is attending the Quilting Retreat this weekend is a Flickr person, but not a blog person.  Therefore, I said I would do her a little intro so fellow retreaters will know who to look for (however, rest assured that you will hear Terri before you see her anyway!)

Fat Quarterly

This is what the lovely lady looks like...

A New Zealander, who spent most of her life living in Australia, and then somehow managed to end up in Sevenoaks, Kent, with an Australian husband and two gorgeous girls.  In previous lives she's been a pharmacist's assistant, a teacher and a potter (which drove her potty)...

Terri is a creative genius who loves Japanese fabrics, embroidery, fonts and calligraphy...oh and did I mention that she bakes...?  Check out this banana bread - yes those are my teeth marks :)

At the retreat you will find her either at one of these classes (in this order)

1) Portholes
2) English paper piecing
3) Freezer paper piecing
4) Frame purses

or talking the hind legs off a donkey somewhere....

She's also doing the Iron man challenge but wonders how she's going to fit that in amongst all the talking... Did I mention that Terri talks a lot?  and that you have to have a super-fast brain to keep up with her stories?  I'm not exaggerating  - her husband says she could carry on talking underwater with a mouthful of marbles.   Apparently, as a child she had to compete for airtime with 8 other siblings hence the development of this skill :)   She thinks it's a weakness, but I think it's wonderful...

and so will you :)



  1. I look like I've lost my eyes!

  2. Err, did you have to talk up all the talking, I'm in her iron man group lol

  3. Oh I can't wait to get my hands on those cheeks and give her a great big kiss! jXO

  4. I like the idea of someone making me look reserved! Can't wait to meet Terri. Looked forward to it for so long.

  5. Looking forward to hearing some of those stories on Saturday :)

  6. Chuckling at Susan's comment!!! Hello Terri - I'm not going to FQR but it's lovely to see you!!

  7. aaaw isnt she lovely :-)

  8. Hope you're ok and just very busy with wedding related stuff. And not kidnapped by aliens.

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