Thursday, 28 July 2011

A big thank you....and sorry Mum!

Firstly, an apology.  Apparently, I swore in my blog post yesterday...and Mum was NOT happy, as I am not setting a good example for her granddaughter, so sorry Mum, it won't happen again... :)

Secondly, I got some lovely post this morning...yes, it was my giveaway prize!  The host of this giveaway, the lovely giraffe-loving Jan, who blogs at Isisjem - the creative life and times, had a 1st blogiversary giveaway.  Look what I got!

This delicious Kath Kidston tea towel, which is going nowhere near our dishes/grotty fingered children!  I'm going to make something with it, but no idea what yet...

AND this fab huge selection of scraps, some from Jan's own collection and some from Fabric Rehab.

I totally love scraps!  They inspire me and are brilliant for the Ticker Tape cushions I've been making recently, so this is the perfect prize for me!

THANK YOU so much Jan!  Very chuffed to be a winner :)

If you get time, do pop over and check out Jan's blog - as you will see from her blog header, she is a hexie genius who also takes brilliant photos!



  1. Aww thank you I'm blushing :-) x

  2. Ooooh stunning patterns... I'm inspired too! x

  3. Had to go back and check your last post for the swear lol Congrats on the win!

  4. I'm going back for a reread too. Lovely win from Jan.

  5. She is a hexing marvel, and you are hexing lucky!! See what I did there, substituting a BIG swearword!

  6. Wow congrats - that's a great win!

  7. You're forgiven (even though I hadn't noticed!) LOL! Enjoy your yummy fabric scraps. Jxo