Friday, 8 July 2011

A holiday and a paper-cut (the good sort!)

We've been on a little holiday, Felix's first, to Malta.  Hence the lack of blog posts.  A lovely time was had - I can totally recommend Malta and the Westin to anybody looking for a stress free holiday with a baby!

The highlights:

  • This view from our balcony
  • Swimming twice a day with Felix
  • Pancakes with melted white chocolate as a breakfast option
  • Cocktails and Maltese Bruschetta - yum!
  • Reading a whole book, for the first time in ages!
The lowlights:
Only one. Felix decided to throw up on the return flight - until then I thought this was something that happened to other people, but no, it happens to us! Felix was not at all perturbed by the incident and paddled in her own sick, but James is still picking the bits out of his watch strap!. We did have to giggle, though, as people started surreptitiously getting out their duty-free perfume purchases to cover the smell.  Sorry folks!

On another note, there was a FANTASTIC parcel waiting for me on our return.   The gorgeous and uber talented Nic who blogs at Supercutetilly had made us a custom paper-cut for our new kitchen.  I'd sent her a brain dump of our family, and she brilliantly turned it into this!

It's totally personal, has the kids names, our house layout, and some of our favourite furniture and lighting wonderfully recreated with a knife and paper.

Nic, I know you know this cos I've told you, but we LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!



  1. I am completely jealous of everything except the vomit!!

  2. Glad you had a fantastic holiday. Love the paper cut! And if it is any consolation, Helen (at nine months) projectile vomited on a return flight from Canada. Fortunately we were in the back row and other than the two of us she only got the bulkhead. I had a change of clothes for her, but not me!

  3. I love Nic's work, I'm so jealous of your paper cut it's lovely. Glad you had a fab holiday too. I carry sick equipment on all journeys just in case, what a nightmare, as long as she was ok thats the main thing.
    Emma x

  4. ok, here I go...

    1. The paper cut is absolutely fantastic!
    2. I've been called weird names before (some better than others) but never a "no-reply girl" so I'll ask blogger what that's all about....
    3. Malta is a gorgeus place to visit but if I can ever take some decent holidays I'll definetely head towards Hastings.
    4. Sometimes (hardly ever to tell the truth) I blog in English, but don't worry, you aren't missing out on anything important...... The boys are part of a joke between friends, when we start a stitch-a-long I always "encourage" the troupe with a boy.... the first to finish the stitchery gets a visit..... (not really!!!!!).


  5. Oh I've been to Malta (a long time ago now), St. Paul's, loved it! The paper cutting is amazing - such detail. Jxo

  6. Oh no, you didn't tell me about the sick bit!! Lol, that's the sort of thing that would happen to glad the rest of your hol was perfect even if James has a sicky watch, lol. I am so happy you love it, as you know :) and thanks for sharing it, Nic xx

  7. Hi Cerie- Loved reading your post. I JUST updated mine and then checked in on you and was tickled to see that we posted really similarly with highlights and lowlights. And I SWEAR I didn't look at yours first.
    Glad you had a great trip!

  8. That sounds like a lovely holiday, glad you had a good time!

    Flights with babies are never fun... ours managed to fart all the way back from Italy whilst he was fast asleep - I swear everyone in the plane thought it was me.

    Love the paper cut too!

  9. aah it is indeed gorgeous and holiday looks sweet too!! nice entry :) x x x

  10. Wow, the paper cut out is amazing! Something to treasure forever :)