Saturday, 30 July 2011

Hit or miss?!

Have you ever made something that you're not quite sure about?  Is it a hit? Is it a miss?   Well, this happened to me yesterday, so I need you clever, thoughtful bloggy friends to give me your HONEST opinion.  Not your toned down bloggy opinion, but the one you'd give your partner if they asked if THAT tie went with THAT shirt...know what I mean?

It all started when I popped into another shop that could potentially stock my quilts and cushions.  The owner of the shop wasn't there, but the guy serving was nice and we got chatting about handmade stuff.  He liked my cushions, but said that bags sell I do bags?....hmmmm...  Well, I've made a few before, but none recently so off I go to Google to find some inspiration. 

Whilst browsing, I stumble across this tutorial for the most amazing recycled shopping bags made from fusing your average supermarket bags this idea! 

So, I get totally distracted from the task at hand and start ironing Tesco's bags together (much to the bemusement of James).  Fusing the bags together gives you a robust plastic-y material that you can cut and stitch like a stiff fabric.

It turns out we don't have enough Tesco's bags for a shopper so I think on the spot and turn 8 (yes 8!) bags into a purse (of sorts)

Here is what I made...

I don't have a serger, so I used a fancy stitch on my machine to finish the edges and added an applique heart and a snap fastener to the front.

So the question is simple...Hit or miss?!  Shall I experiment further?  I think this would benefit from a red fabric lining and neater stitches on the edges...but is it worth a re-try?  Would you buy this at a craft fair or in a crafty shop? or would you say "that looks like a Tesco's carrier bag" and walk on by....

I'd love to know :)



  1. lol no, it doesn't look like a tesco's carrier bag :-) I'd definitely say its worth another go! I'd try smaller too, like a wallet? I mean, there's blokes who pay for duct tape wallets...

  2. Um, honestly, I wouldn't be buying it. Sorry!! And if it took eight bags to make it how much would you have to charge to make a good profit? I'ld rather have a sturdy canvas bag that didn't resemble Tesco blue at all.

  3. I've seen little lunch box bags made from juice cartons in shops - kind of retro looking. Jury's out on this one. Maybe if it was more functional, like a lunchbox bag, it might work, but it wouldn't be something I'd use as an accessory! Great intuition though! Jxo

  4. I was thinking along the same lines as Susan - how are you going to get enough carrier bags to make enough products? In theory though, I love the whole re-cycled idea and I'm sure others would too. Maybe you could get a local school involved to collect carrier bags for you or something?!

    I haven't read the tutorial, but just wondering if crisps/chocolate bar packets would work for this? That would look kinda cool!

  5. Having looked at the tutorial, I'm not convinced about the 'going green' idea. Melting plastic bags together doesn't seem very environmentally friendly to me. I would have thought upcycling fabric would be be a greener option. And, if you're hoping to make a profit, you need to consider the time the collecting, melting etc takes before you can even start sewing.

    I do love your purse though, but even there I'm not sure that being plastic adds anything. I'm inclined to recommend you make cute bags like that but not out of old tescos carriers :-)

  6. I like the idea, and maybe small purses could be cute BUT it reminds me of those 'insert a mama-friendly adjective' plaid laundry bags that will never ever bio-degrade and appear in every country of the world; and usually on news reports with refugees and disaster zones! You know the ones!

  7. I'm partial. I love your cushions and quilts, but your bag is sure a cutie. If you can, get your hands on a serger - fun and fast. You bag looks great. I've been saving plastic bags for a big of time if they have fun details or cute colors.