Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Bag lady...and look at what the Bees are doing!

After my brief foray into plastic (thanks for all your honest comments, they made me giggle!) I have been back working with my beloved fabric this week. 
There are a whole host of patterns on the web for bags and I was flitting about from pattern to pattern when I thought it might be wiser to enlist some specialist help :)  The lovely Judith from Rags to Bags (this clever lady runs classes so I knew she would have a few good ideas!) suggested this tutorial for a summer tote.   I had a play with the template, added a bit of piecing to the front and made my own straps with a contrast lining...and voila!

This is made in grey denim with an ikea fabric lining.  I'm really pleased with how this turned out since it's been a while since I made a bag, so now I'm going to have a play with some other patterns....

As for other work in progess, there are more cushions in the pipeline (sold a couple more this week - yeay!) but nothing photo worthy instead I shall show you another work in progress, the blocks that are being made for my month in the European Bee I am a member of, Bee Europa.  So far, six blocks have been made and pictures posted on Flickr and they are AMAZING!!

To recap, I had asked for my Bee members to take inspiration from this gorgeous quilt which Vickie at My full colour life was creating, using her Bee.  Instead of birds, I asked them to make flowers as the focal image on each block...

So here you are:

Susanne from Suleon adapted a Dresden pattern with stunning results

Muriel (Doucepoints) totally worked it with the paper piecing and added an inspired F for my daughter Felix!

Miriam from Berlinquilter went 3D, which Felix is going to adore, look at those flowers and leaves!

Ulrike at Lieblingsdecke worked some wonderful pinwheel magic with a cute little flower

Amelie from Amelies Whirlygiggles did some clever applique and very funky piecing

and Cara at Pink Stitches did a bit of everything to make a fantabulous block!

Ladies, thank you so much, I have a VERY good feeling about this quilt :)


PS Linking up to WIP Wednesday over at Freshly Pieced, thanks Lee!


  1. They look amazing! Such gorgeous bright summery colours :-)

  2. Great bag; and yes that is going to be a magnificent quilt!

  3. How lovely is that bag!!!! And as for the quilt!!! It's to die for:) So cute!! Amazing jog!!!

  4. Those blocks coming back to you are fabulous! Its really going to be a beauty of a quilt :-)

  5. Now that is one cool bag!! Thank you for the compliment too C; I would definitely buy that bag in a shop! Keep going! Those bee blocks are stunning - so bright and happy! Jxo

  6. I love that bag! Have you even seen the u-handbag blog? There are some great ideas on there for bag making.

    Really looking forward to seeing that finished quilt too, the blocks look amazing!

  7. Honey, I had to go look up that bag pattern so I can make one. Love it! You are one lucky lady with those bee blocks. Those are just lovely.

  8. I love the bag and have been looking at that one to make, too! Glad to hear it is a good one. :) Then, surprise, surprise, I saw these wonderful blocks. I opened your blog up in my browser (reading on my phone) and saw they are from your bee. They are fabulous!! I love the flowers. You must be so delighted!! Thanks for sharing them and a link back to me. You are so gracious!! Hugs!

  9. The blocks are so beautiful! Can't wait to see it all together :) and I love what you did with the bag.

  10. Wow, I just love those flower blocks! That's going to be such a fabulous quilt. Thanks for linking up to WIP Wednesday. : )

  11. Hi,
    Loving the bag, thinking I need to make myself a new bag!
    Can not wait to see all the finished blocks and how they are all going to go together as a quilt - so exciting.
    Thanks for introducing me to another fab blog "Freshly pieced" as well!