Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Today is about the boys

What with the surreal events happening in our cities, today has been all about my boys. If I wasn't worrying about James who was travelling and working up in London today, then I was worrying about my brothers who also both work in London.  The youngest also lives in Hackney, so had given me a first hand account as he walked down his devastated street yesterday.

I'm not going to rant on about the subject...in fact I'm at a loss for words...but I couldn't chat on about sewing without first saying that I was, and am, worried.

A little light relief came in the shape of another (slightly smaller) boy. It was Matthew's first birthday party this afternoon.  Matthew is lovely friend Nikki's little boy, and potential suitor for Felix :). 

Guess what? he got a home-made present. (as well as some Duplo!)

I went for a simple pair of trousers with an elasticated waistband and optional turn-ups.  I was short on boy fabrics, but found some yummy Michael Miller prints that did the trick just fine.

Here's Felix kindly modelling said trousers this morning before they went to the birthday boy..

Not her best look...and yes, that is a bottle of Tabasco she's clutching, stolen from the cupboard behind her...fortunately the lid is securely tightened...!

Happy Birthday Matthew


  1. cool breeks! hope your family in London are safe x

  2. That's too cute - I have some of that fabric in white and I also think it's yummy. I hope everyone stays safe and happy birthday to Matthew!

  3. I hope your family are all ok. We were living in London during the IRA bombings 7/7 etc but I'm completely shocked by these riots. My husband works near Croydon and he had to shut up the office yesterday and send everyone home.

    On a lighter subject - those trousers are just adorable! All your friends get wonderful presents :)

  4. Cute pants! It's a worrying time, we have it in July every year. Not fun, but here's hoping people will come to their senses and things will settle down again. Jxo

  5. Lovely trousers! Great model too. Wouldn't worry about the tobasco - Helen was caught gnawing on heads of raw garlic at that age, and she eats incredibly well now. London, and elsewhere, is a worry. How can it not be? There are some senseless, mindless people in the world and I just don't understand it at times.

  6. Susan sent me to your blog - great trousers - and understand your worries in London - my hubby works there! He was shocked when one of the buildings he worked in occasionally was bombed during IRA times! Have to think that with so many people in London - unlikely to be someone you know! And pray!