Friday, 5 August 2011

Gosh, how exciting!

Apparently I use the word "Gosh".  James finds this highly amusing, especially in amorous situations (sorry mum and mum-in-law!).  But since I think it's probably the only bit left of of my Oxfordshire dialect (after years in other parts of the UK) I'm hanging onto it!

Anyway, today is a "Gosh, how exciting!" day because my Supernova quilt is being featured by Quilt Story!

If you are a lovely follower and if you've seen my Supernova a hundred times before / are a bit bored about me going on about it, then just to entice you, Heather and Megan have kindly added a "never-seen-before" picture of my 8 week old niece using her quilt - yeay!!

And if you are new and have arrived here from Quilt Story, Hello! thank you so much for visiting :)



    The quilt is absolutely gorgeous and a real heirloom.

  2. Everyone I know in blogland is getting famous! I'm going to be a bloggie groupie to the rest of you!!

  3. lol not going to tire of seeing that one Ceri, its gorgeous x

  4. Go girl! Stunning quilt, a well deserved feature. Jxo

  5. Congrats Ceri! That is SO exciting :) I love that quilt, honestly, I could never get tired of seeing it.

  6. Found you from Quilt Story and a quick scroll down told me I should definitively be following you. Great work!

  7. I've missed to many posts :( and you have been so busy !! Well done you for the feature although I'm really not surprised....your quilts are to die for and I will have one :) xx