Saturday, 13 August 2011

I spent the fabric fund!

I went to the Festival of Quilts on Thursday...and I spent all my cash!!

It was brilliant, not only were there hundreds of inspiring quilts / works of art to be viewed, there was shopping galore AND I got to meet two of my bloggy Brit Bee friends in real life :)

I did take a few pictures but then got carried away and completely forgot to get a photo of Terri, Judith and I:
a) nattering
b) stroking fabric (we did quite a bit of that)
c) shopping
d) making inappropriate jokes

Before I show you pictures, I just need to give a big "whoop whoop" to my mum for entertaining Felix whilst I got on with the above.  Thanks Mum, you're a total star :)

So back to the fabric..I was spending my fabric fund (the proceeds from selling vintage stuff in a local antique shop over the last couple of months).   Last Thursday, this totalled £177, ,all of which I managed to spend, plus a teensy bit on my debit card :)

Firstly, accessories:
  • A much belated purchase of a 24" ruler - no more wonky strips for me - I kept accidentally clouting people with this - sorry if that was you...
  • A large can of 505 (swear by it!) 
  • A new rotary blade
  • Bargain freezer paper

And then fabric basics:
  • Two metres of grey pinstripe cotton - I'm thinking bags and linings
  • Two metres of navy/white pinstripe cotton - the same
  • One metre of a very soft linen - quilt backing
  • A metre each of a vibrant Kona shade from Mandy at Simply Solids - not sure what for but I love them!

Couldn't resist:
  • Two half metre Echino prints - Cameras and cars - LOVE these, the only way I could possibly use them is if I cut them up really small!
  • Two half metre Melody Miller prints, one from Ruby star Rising, and one from the latest range, Ruby Star Spring, just because I HAD to own one!

A few random choices - I wanted to make sure I didn't come back with just one type of fabric, so I chose:
  • A stunning print by Dan Bennett, plus two prints from the latest Philip Jacobs range (I think!)
  • A half yard of a Liberty "map" fabric

  • An amazing heavyweight London map fabric that was 98" wide
  • Some Oakshott cotton (thanks to Judith I made a beeline for this stand!) in a totally gorgeous neutral Earth shade
  • and some spotty upholstery weight fabric
 Phew, how happy am I?!  Haven't had any time to work with it so far..but am itching to get my scissors out!

I'll leave you with a few iPhone pictures of just some of the gorgeous quilts that caught my inspired!




  1. What a great assortment of purchases. So pleased your day was so great.

  2. Ooh I missed lots of good stuff then! Your purchases look great and well done to stay within budget - well almost!

  3. Oooh it looks brill. I think I would have loved it too, even if just for the colours and textures (as I don't know how to make quilts, although really, really want to learn!) xx

  4. Oh that looks like a good spend!! Glad you had a good time with 'the ladies'!
    I love the quilt with the little windows xx

  5. Wow! You did good, girl! Lots of fun to play with now! Jxo

  6. I so wish I'd got my act together and gone but it was just a bit too close to coming back from my holiday. Looks like it could have really melted the plastic if I had gone though!

  7. Yay! Lovely bounty :-) Love the london map fabric! I'm thinking messenger bags?! Wish I could've been there too... That second last quilt you've pictured is wonderful, really love it.

  8. Great choice of fabrics. I completely forgot to get some of that map fabric, duh! I'm so, so pleased we all got to meet up together. Looking forward to September.
    Your slush fund went pretty far, I'm impressed!

  9. Oooh lovely i am very jealous, of the trip and the fabric, I would much rather have all that lovely fabric than £177 any day x

  10. Exciting purchases!! I love map fabrics, that's so cool - and I really need to try 505. Love the quilt pics too!

  11. Looks like a fab day was had by all. Hmm, now there's a fair up here over in Edinburgh at the end of September. If I start saving my pennies now...

  12. Wow - looks like you had a lovely day! Veeery envious of all those fabrics ;)

  13. Oh what a lovely stash!
    I would have loved to have gone.
    Looks like you had fun