Thursday, 18 August 2011

A teensy bit of sewing and some vintage loveliness...

We've had guests this week, first Mum and Dad and then my since-school friend Sian and her two boys, ages 6 and nearly 1.  It's been brilliant, think walks on the beach, yummy Italian ice-creams and garlic prawns with bread and salad for tea...perfect summer activities..

As a result, sewing productivity has suffered somewhat and I haven't even touched the bounty from last week's Festival of Quilts...  I did however, manage to put together a couple of cushion tops, destined for the two shops I am now supplying around here (woohoo!)  Sorry about the creases and loose threads, these are definitely works in progress!

I'm trying out this new colour scheme of red, lime green and grey...

This second one is quilted and I played around with a teeny bit of free motion applique on one of the apples.

 I was quite chuffed until I showed James and he said "Oh no!" ..he thought I'd accidentally sewn inside the apple instead of around the edge...I told him it was intentional detail and huffed (for about a minute!)

Having guests has, however, meant time for a little vintage bargain are my most recent finds which have restored my belief that there are still bargains to be found!

In this little bundle is:
  • A roll of Wonderweb from a charity shop (£1)
  • 150m (so it says!) of white piping (50p), I've no idea what I'm going to use this for, but couldn't turn that bargain down!
  • Vintage bias binding (20p)
  • A 3m roll of heavyweight cotton webbing for bag handles (50p)
  • Some beads and sequins from the most amazing stall at a car boot (£1). The chap had lost his aunt whose business had been making wedding dresses and he was selling off her stock.  This lady must have been amazing, there was apparently only a fraction of it left and it still filled three six foot trestle tables with bags and bags of beads, ribbons, sequins etc
This black and almost white print in a soft weave, no idea whether it's cotton, but I'm hoping so (£3 x for 37" x 71" )

These two skier prints, in two shades of blue (£1.50 for both, 31" x 45" and 45" x 76")

This tablecloth (50p - 50" x 60") that I thought I'd cut up and use, until I got it home and looked at the label and it's Mary Quant! A sarong I think, and not that vintage, rather 1980s cotton and polyester mix, but still...sell it on Ebay or cut it up, what's your view?!

And finally, This rather fabulous tablecloth from my local antiques place (£5 35" x 35") and yes, it does pain me to cut it up, but I'm still going to!

If anyone would like a slice of any of these, (or some of that piping, I think I've got enough!) please let me know.  I'm unlikely to use the whole lot, and since you can't order this stuff from a shop I think vintage is there to be shared.. :)



  1. Cracking bounty! I like the cushions and your fm embroidery on the apple is great, adds a lovely little bit of detail :-)

  2. What a lot lovies - the yellow table cloth is a master find!

    Deffo try to sell the MQ.

    I got the Poppy Treffry book out of the library (again) today... may have another go xx

  3. My validation word was 'resew' how apt!

  4. What great finds. I think people are too savvy round here to give this kind of stuff to charity shops.

  5. Love all those fabrics! I can never find anything like that in the charity shops

  6. Must visit charity shops more often, I must.

  7. You truly are the Queen of Bargains! Those cushion fronts are to die for! Jxo

  8. You have had so many great finds lately! I really love the black and white and the Mary Quant fabric - I would DEFINITELY cut into it, by the way!!

  9. What absolutely brilliant finds! That black and white fabric is just gorgeous. I would probably sell the MQ too, eBay buyers seem to go nuts just for a 'name'!

    I never have much luck in charity shops *sulks* My local one seems to be just full of horrible nylon bags and slightly bent cutlery...