Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Fabric fortune...

No time for any sewing this week, Felix and I have been at Mum and Dads until today and we're off to Norwich tomorrow to see some lovely people and deliver the stripey surprise :)   Despite this hectic schedule, I've somehow managed to substantially increase my fabric stash!  First off, Mum empties her remnants box, saying I'll make more use of it than her, so I find myself the proud owner of some brown velvet and duck-egg blue corduroy (perfect for cushion backs) amongst other useful things.  Any ideas for the 80's print in the foreground gratefully received, I'll send it to anyone who thinks they can turn it into something marvellous!

Then, Dad and I take to the charity shops in Wallingford and one of them has a sewing display in the window, so I acquire a Sari panel, 1.5m of cream linen, 1.5m of white cotton and 1.5m of grey flecked mohair mix by Valentino (in love with this one!), plus some suede effect wool - all for £8.75!!!

And then to top it all off, today the wonderful Nikki appears with a gift from IKEA - 2m of this fab bird print!

 Could it get any better?!  (Errr...Yes it could, the non-fabric addicts are saying, the bemused James included!)

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