Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Ten minute crafting idea

Have just spent all evening doing my tax return, which has annoyingly stolen my precious sewing time, so I needed a quick fix!.  This project is inspired by something I saw at IKEA, takes no time at all and still looks great, I think.   Basically, you need a photo frame (one of those with multiple slots for pictures works best) and a few fabrics from the stash.   My example below is a photo clock, but I think ordinary frames would work just as well. 

Anyway, all you do is replace the photos with squares of fabric, and - hey presto! - wall art!

I've got a huge frame with lots of larger picture slots to do next, but I'm thinking I might have to stiffen the fabric first so it doesn't wrinkle up...will keep you updated

But now I'm going to go to bed and hopefully NOT dream about tax codes

PS thank you to all my lovely friends and family for the birthday wishes and gifts etc  I am truly spoilt!

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  1. Hi there thanks for swinging by my blog I see you are not that far from me and a little girl too...snap!! :)