Friday, 28 January 2011

Here's one I made earlier...

We've got guests for the weekend, lots of them, so there is no way I am going to get time to do any sewing (without being impolite!).  Not that I'm wishing the guests weren't here, far from it, it's just that sewing/blogging time is a precious commodity!   Anyway, in the absence of anything new (a cushion is in the pipeline but it'll have to wait til next week) here are a couple of makes from about 3 months ago, before I started blogging, that might give you some inspiration.

The first is a Scrabble picture I made for James' birthday, featuring our little family.  Fortunately, he loved it!   The Scrabble set cost two quid from a charity shop and the most difficult part of this project was allowing myself to break up a board game (sob).

The second is a pair of socks I made for Felix - well actually, I bought the socks and then added the flowers which are made by sandwiching interfacing between two squares of fabric, then stitching a flower pattern.  I then cut round the flower shape, added another fabric for the centre of the flower and sewed the centre of the flower onto the socks.

Why, I can hear you asking, has she only photographed one?   OK, I admit it, these little socks have seen some wear since November and I am not totally sure where the other one is, baby socks rarely stay on baby feet, I've noticed....


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  1. What awesome makings - that scrabble pic is such a great idea!!