Sunday, 23 January 2011

Mini quilt

As promised, a picture of the table runner, which I'm actually pretty chuffed with (yeay!)    The runner has a layer of fusible fleece in the middle if it, so making it is just like doing a quilt - in fact a quilt in these colours would look fabby-dabby dozy (showing my age?!)

Maybe when I've got a slightly smaller list of things to do, I'll give the quilt a go....



  1. Just discovered your lovely blog! I love the table runner and also the thank you cards you made earlier in the year. I'm going to try making some of those. x

  2. Yeay! Thanks for commenting - I'm new to blogging so it's especially great to get your feedback. Will be keeping an eye on Sew Scrumptious as you have loads of fab ideas - love the baby bibs too! x

  3. Well, you've inspired Alice to start making!!We've got plain material to start and she's made a patchwork square (cushion sized) and is now trying her hand at quilting it. We've got a lovely quilting shop nearby, but closed Sundays and of course we had to go straightaway (to a large craft chain!) Will take her to Abigail's if she continues....
    Hope you had a lovely day yesterday, sorry didn't get a card to you,

  4. Yeay! Go Alice!! send me a picture of your finished work and I'll post it here if you like. Will send you a few bits and bobs in the post to get your fabric stash started!
    Ceri x

  5. Will send you a picture when it's finished. I think the things you made look great! x