Thursday, 10 February 2011

Crafters indecision

Here's the latest offering by InspiredbyFelix. I think the design is called "Stack of books" ? 

I quite liked it so I'm working on No.2 in the series,  a reverse one, where the "books" are grey and the edges patterned. (sorry about the picture, iPhone snap taken just now!)

As for the next project, I'm torn.  I want to make (in no particular order):
  • A baby quilt for Felix
  • Fabric shoes - an idea I got from Sunnie Fairy over at Andrea's Garden
  • The soft toys in my last post
  • More cushions (obviously)
  • Something using my own fabric, printed using Spoonflower, which is an amazing website that allows you to do this.  (Something I only discovered after seeing the fabulous design done by Miss Pixie at I drew this)
  • Plus a load of things for a craft stall that we've yet to arrange!
Hmmm, instead of doing any one of these things, I'm sitting here writing this, because choosing where to spend my time is too difficult :)  Oh dear.


1 comment:

  1. I love your cushion, it's beautiful, some of my favourite colours too.

    Emma x