Sunday, 27 February 2011

Quotes of the week

Most weekends, we have James' two kids to stay. They are super gorgeous and say the most hilarious things.  This weeks collection includes:

Pip (age 5) - "I'm not supposed to be in the deep end of the pool, I stay in the shadow end"
George (age 8) lecturing his little sister - "You're not the boss of me, or Dad, or Ceri, or Felix, you can only be the boss of yourself"

Quite true, hee hee.

I'm making slow but steady progress on a baby/ little person/ lap quilt at the moment, using some of the colours from the Starburst cushion.  I can't quite decide which of the above it will be as it's not classic baby colours. Will decide when it's finished I guess!

Anyway, have decided to document progress here in order to keep momentum up!

Today's picture - The fabric cut and arranged.

Tomorrow, the white sashing between the coloured slices. Am halfway through so this shouldn't be too big an ask :)

By the way, those comedy phrases from the kids reminded me of a cracker my brother came out with when he was little.  When asked what his favourite music band was he promptly replied "The Ketchup boys"...

It was some time before we realised he was referring to the Pet Shop boys!


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  1. Lol, they do say some funny things !! Blanket/quilt looking lovely so far....looking forward to seeing it finished. Have you tried the freehand machine embroidery yet??
    Nic ♥