Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Don'ts for Wives

My other little Valentine's gift was this splendid book of advice - Don'ts for Wives (1913).  I quote:

"Don't greet your husband at the door with a catalogue of the dreadful crimes committed by servants during the day"

"Don't think it beneath you to put your husbands slippers ready for him. On a cold evening, especially, it makes all the difference to his comfort if the soles are warmed through"

hee hee - highly unlikely that I obey either of these rules (since we have neither servants or slippers!)

However, I think I can manage this one (for all us crafters)

"Don't 'fuss' your husband....occupy yourself in reading or doing needlework" (yeay!)



  1. Yep I'll go with that too, what a sound piece of advice x

  2. I just have to share my Mum's email response (and subtle hint) to this post!

    "Note for Ceri:
    You have neither servants (debatable), slippers, nor (at current time) a husband.

    Unless of course there is something you are not telling me.


    Just because James and I haven't quite round to the "I do's" yet!