Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Fabulous vintage

You may be expecting a cushion, and of course there is another cushion on the way (there's ALWAYS a cushion underway!), but more about that tomorrow when I've had a chance to take a picture in daylight.

In the meantime, I've been talking handmade soft toys with lovely friend Nikki.  Nikki has rediscovered her sewing machine (the knitting phase is over, apparently) and has been making velvet elephants - very cute. 

We think a few vintage style animals in gorgeous fabrics might go well on the craft stall so I went searching in our basement for the old craft books I know I own.  Twenty minutes later and with that grimy feel to my hands I emerge with a couple of gems to give Nikki and I some inspiration.

They are:
  •  "Design your own stuffed toys" - Anne Dyer 1971
  • "The complete book of handicrafts" Ed. Jill Blake and Joan Fisher 1976
Here a just few images from these fabulous tomes (as is the fetching picture at the top of the page) to get your creative juices flowing!

If anyone would like patterns or instructions for these then leave a comment and I'll scan them in for you, I think these cuties should be admired by many!

Will let you know if we have success (with the animals, not the hats!)


  1. Lovely animals. Velvet is so evocotive...
    Ps I have the 'Book of Handicratfs'too, rescued it when my mother was going to send it to charity a couple of years ago. Never get the time to really try anything from it though x

  2. Hee hee, I think I rescued mine from a charity shop! So many great pictures in this book, the best of 70s fashion!

  3. I love the dog, something about the green fabric

  4. Me too! I'm going to have to give him a go, when I eventually find time :)

  5. I love the retro animals, may have to pinch a pattern and see if I can buy and old retro fabric...please post a pic when you get around to making yours Nic xx

  6. lol...so darn cute...please please please would love to have a copy of the patterns...also thanks for popping `by ny blog...will enter your giveaway in a tic too...

  7. I love the giraffe with the flowers... If you can post the pattern I would be very happy!!!