Saturday, 19 February 2011

Curtains, and number 2 in a series

Not as much productivity as I would have liked on the stitching front.  I spent yesterday evening hemming a pair of curtains, which is possibly one of the worst sewing jobs ever.  I moaned all the way through and consumed copious amounts of vodka and diet coke. As a result, when I hung the curtains today there is a centimetre difference where they meet in the middle. Hmmmm... I figure they'll be open most of the time so no one will notice :)   

The saving grace for these curtains was the fabric - check out this lovely bird print I got in the sale at C+H fabrics. Prestigious Textiles - Berkeley Square. It's SO yummy that I made matching cushions with red velvet backs!

Other than that the only creation this week has been the second cushion I've done in the stack of books design. I reversed the colours on this one, and am pleased with it, but prefer the first one. See below for

I can't resist leaving you with another image of said cushion. When I ventured into the garden yesterday to take a picture of this cushion, our lovely builder Dave insisted on modelling it (I did check if his hands were vaguely clean first!)


Ceri x

PS That's our house in the background - eek!


  1. That fabric is lovely, and I really like the new cushion too it looks really nice with the other one.
    Emma x

  2. Ahh bless Dave, looks like a lovely chap, lol. Reading you blog I'm not sure which cushion is your favourite (sorry, it's probably my reading) I really like the one Dave is holding but they are both really nice.

    Nic ♥

  3. Ooo, I do love these pillows! My favorite is the one with colorful patches and it makes me want to make one like it too. :)
    Thank you for stopping by my blog, btw! I'm following you now too!