Monday, 7 March 2011

Dizzy Dinosaurs

Back to the quilt soon, but on saturday night I tackled another of the "Crafty To-do's" from my ever growing list.  This one was designing a fabric to print using the Spoonflower website.  This would probably have been lower down my list, but I was already on the website, printing InspiredbyFelix labels for my cushions (1m of fabric yields c400 fabric washable labels yeay!).   Anyway, whilst there I spotted "Project Selvage" which is a competition Spoonflower are holding. 

The task is to design a baby boy fabric, the top prize, to design a collection for Michael Miller!   Now, as a relative novice to fabric design, I don't expect to win, or get into the top 75 (on which the public vote), but this competition gave me a focus so I gave it a go.  I've been promised a copy of Illustrator from a friend, but whilst that's on its way, I managed with Powerpoint (years of working in business makes you pretty powerpoint proficient!) and other free Photo programmes. 

After faffing about for a couple of hours, I came up with "Dizzy Dinosaurs"

I have ordered a swatch and entered it into the competition!

Seize the day, I say!



  1. The spoonflower website is great, thank you !! Your design is really nice, I am trying to get to grips with photoshop at the mo but don't seem to have enough time. You are really good with powerpoint!! Did you get your parcel by the way?? Nic ♥

  2. Good luck with this, I'm sure yours will do really well as it would translate well onto fabric. I entered my blue elephant design.

  3. Your Dizzy dinos fabric is sweet, boyish but not over the top! I have a login for spoonflower and vote regularly, but I still haven't printed or bought any fabric from them yet. Sad state of affairs as Spoonflower is a local company and I personally know the owners. Kim is the guild's treasurer. I need to just do it.

    I can't fathom you made dizzy dinos in powerpoint! Imagine what you could do with proper software. I will vote for you fabric, too.