Tuesday, 29 March 2011

More sewing (and shopping!) than blogging this week

I've been a bit quiet on the blog front this week.  This is because I found that whole evenings were consumed by browsing other blogs, updating Flickr and writing posts and I wasn't actually getting any sewing done.  Please, other bloggers, tell me I am not alone in in this affliction/addiction? :)

Anyway, to redress the balance and more importantly meet the deadline for the cushions I am making for a local shop, I've been a busy stitching bee over the last few evenings.  I've pieced four cushion tops and am going to start on the backs tonight, pictures will follow when they're complete to prove I've not just been bunking off :)

In the meantime, I made a little fabric shopping trip to Eastbourne today.  Felix has decided that sleeping in her cot during the day is "so last month" and therefore trips in the car or buggy are a good way of getting her to have a rest (this is my excuse, and I'm sticking to it).  This was also the last of my splurges on fabric for a while as I've decided not to return to work for a bit.

First stop, a new find, The Owl and Sewing Cat, which stocks a great range of modern US fabrics.   I bought this lovely selection of prints:

Plus some polka dots.  Can one own too many polka dots?  Clearly the answer to this question is no :)

And a couple of fat quarters that I couldn't resist.

I then headed over to C+H fabrics, which have a more standard selection but do my favourite shot cotton in grey which I'm using for the cushions.  I finished their roll (3.9m) and also went for small amounts of other tones to try and break me out of my current grey addiction  - except that another grey linen snuck in somehow - how did that get there? :)

Ooo and to top it all, I found this pattern in a charity shop (for 50p) as Felix and I were wandering about

It's definitely been a successful shopping day :)



  1. I have fabric envy!! Gorgeous. I'm the same re blogging rather than sewing. I've been very good this week though and actually managed to make a PE bag and do a tutorial for the blog. Had to tear myself away from the computer and make myself do it though!!

  2. Nice haul. When are you showing a peek at the cushions you are making?

  3. Oooh there are some lovely fabrics in there and no you can never have enough dots.
    I can't wait to see the cushions that you're making.
    Emma x