Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Sunny day out and new hairclips!

Not much to report on the crafty front today.  Mum and Dad have been visiting and oddly enough I didn't think they'd appreciate it if I sat at the sewing machine all evening, so instead Dad and I thrashed Mum and James at Pictionary (twice).

We did have a lovely sunny day out yesterday in Tenterden and even managed to eat al fresco, as demonstrated by Felix here.

Oh, and I had a lovely surprise yesterday when Mr Postie arrived with a parcel from Supercutetilly - I'd treated myself to some of her 'oh-so-cute' hairclips - which I will hand over to Felix when she's old enough not to eat them, I promise!  In the meantime, they're mine!

Nic's got some more of these, and lots of other lovely tempting things in her folksy shop here.

Thanks Nic, hopefully I can get away with wearing them despite my 37 years :)



  1. Well Ceri, I'm not much behind you and I wear them all the time, lol. Looking good but I have to say that Felix is looking much, much cuter. She is adorable!! Thanks for the mention in your lovely post too, Nic xx

  2. Hi Ceri - Yes, wear it all you want!!! It looks great!
    Btw, I did receive the pillow (THANK YOU!) and a post will go up tomm about it...

    happy blogging!

  3. I've just treated myself to some supercutetilly treats including a hairband which I am wearing, i'm a huge fan.
    Emma x